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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


so we've borrowed a tradition from pete's aunt (thanks becky!). after her kids moved out she wrote a book about the things she had done with them (special traditions, things she learned, etc.) she sent me one and one of the things we adopted was letter days. it can be done anyday with any letter but for christmas, work the letters backward on the calendar and then each letter is it's own day. you can make a meal that starts with the letter. do an activity that starts with the letter. you get the idea. so here's where we are so far....

C - we actually kind of fudged this one a bit. 1. becuase i wasn't all that organized and 2. because the thought of making more cookies was not appealing to me. mia and i spent all last week baking. now, you may think i exagerate when i say this. oh no. see we had a christmas open house/party for our entire church on saturday and we were prepared to give the people desserts. we made 100 dozen cookies (again, this is not an exageration). too bad for us it snowed...alot and our turn out was drastically hindered by the weather. we have cookies, cookies and more cookies at our house. some will be wrapped up and handed to neighbors, some will go to grandparents houses and some are being handed to anyone who happends to knock at our door. =) (the picture is of mia and her friend emma "helping" with the sprinkles. two 2 years olds with sprinkles, two 1 year olds underfoot and two moms trying to hear ourselves think over the giggling, beeping ovens, sprinkles hitting the floor, babies vying for attention and general insanity that insues when baking with small children. ya gotta love it!)

H - we had hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner then made a house out of gingerbread. okay, quick mom note here ... read the directions before attempting this task with small children. we were doing fine until we got to the part where it said "wait one hour for house to set." um, bedtime is in about 45 minutes. not going to happen. so we very carefully iced the roof anyway and decorated away. the house stayed intact and mia had a great time. asher loved chasing the stray candies that hit the floor then he and daddy took a little toy room break from the action. thanks to grandma for bringing us the house. i think we have definately found a new tradition.

R - tonight was rigatoni with red sauce and red juice to drink. then we made rudolph the red nosed reindeer (out of her hands - for antlers and a foot - for the face). we tried to do this with asher too but trying to get a 13 month old to hold still long enough to trace his hand or his foot was not in the cards today. we had a pretty hilarious time trying though. =) then we read christmas books. we have a red tin basket that we keep all our christmas books in and i think we read through almost all of them. there was a slight battle for lap space and then over which book to read when but all in all a good night. it was so great to sit in front of our tree, with the stockings on the fireplace, a little christmas jazz in the background and read christmas stories with the kids.

now here's my dilemma. what in the world do you eat that starts with "I"? we're going to do ice cream for desert but i have no idea for the meal part. we though about italian but since we just had that tonight i wasn't too sure. if you have any good ideas let me know!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

weekend away

okay so it's only about 6 weeks after our anniversary but we did finally get away. it was so nice. this past weekend we headed to chicago and the kids headed to nana and papa's. it was the first time we'd gone away for an entire weekend without the kids since they've been born. we'd snuck away for a night but an entire weekend was a special treat. so what do you do on such a rare occasion? here's our answer ...

...get a great deal on a downtown hotel (go pete!) and enjoy the palmer house all decorated for the holidays.
...laugh that they goof up the room which results in free breakfast one morning (fabulous!!) and a bigger room then we had anticipated.
...cash in WICKED tickets my parents got me for my birthday (last year ... see how bad at getting away we are?). thoroughly enjoy the show. love the story line, all the little one liners and the twists along the way. realize yet again that everything has two sides and just because you've heard one doesn't mean you know the whole story... even in a movie. =)
...walk around downtown after the show and look at all the lights. be amazed at what snow and twinkle lights can do and how beautiful it is. enjoy each other's company and the excuse to snuggle close cuz it is cold downtown in the winter (can you say wind off the lake??)
...have dinner at gino's east (pete had never been and if you go to chicago you have to have pizza!) enjoy that there is a wait for the deep dish pizza as this gives my poor toes a chance to warm up and us a chance to have good talks about us, the future, our lives, etc.
...GET TO SLEEP IN!!! (can i emphasize this point enough? of course for us this means a little before 8 but still enjoy that we do not have to get out of bed and can drift in and out for awhile. of course the first morning we were still up by 6...old habits die hard.)

naturally when we picked up the kids we were ready for hugs and kisses. we got some of those and the updates on what radar (my parents puppy) had been doing. then of course mia was not ready to leave! =) can't complain about that too much though. it was a great weekend for us and a wonderful chance to just focus on us a little. we try to do that here with date nights and time after the kids go to bed but it was really nice to have a whole weekend just for us. hope you all are better at getting away then we are and that you enjoy the time whenever and whereever you get it. =)

first snow

brrrr! it's officially winter. at least by my standards. we've had our first snowfall and by that i mean that the snow actually stayed on the ground. mia loved it! she could barely wait to go out in the snow. she went out without socks (just in her shoes) promptly did a u-turn and came back in for her boots. mind you this was my suggestion to begin with but being a mom means letting them learn for themselves that snow is cold on your feet (and it's a way better teacher then me talking my head off). we had to run a few errands and then we were set to play in the snow. on went the snow pants and off she went. asher on the other hand has decided he does not like being cold. he wanted nothing to do with this. now, this gets interesting. i now have a 2 1/2 year old who wants to do nothing but play in the snow and a 1 year old who wants nothing to do with it. can't leave either one of them alone, can't be in two places at once, can't get them to agree on a location. unfortunately for mia the freezing little brother won out and we had to cut our play time short. she was, however, very proud of the path she had made through the snow and immediately showed her daddy when he got home from work (with a slight assist from mom to explain what exactly he was looking at out the window).

(note mia heading back out to make her path as we're trying to go inside)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

tree tradition

it's always been a tradition. since pete and i first started dating we have always gone with his family to cut down our tree. it's usually the weekend after thanksgiving so on friday before heading out to start our round of visits we put away all the fall things and pulled out all the christmas things. this is the first year that mia started to get into the decorating. after several broken ornaments she began to wonder whether this was really a good idea. once we got her out of the ornament box and into a few things that wouldn't shatter upon impact she decide it was okay. she loved decorating the banister and finding places for things. after rearranging the living room for the real tree it was down to the basement for the second tree. this is the tree where all the handmade, baby handprint, treasured memory ornaments were to go. you know the ones that evoke a memory the minute you open them. decorating was reserved for family time later in the weekend where we could enjoy ourselves and not rush.
saturday we all bundled up - it was really cold! - and headed out to a new place. it was fabulous! they had reindeer for the kids to look at, santa and mrs. claus were there for pictures, there were huge wooden trains and tractors to play on, and they took you out to the trees in a horse drawn wagon. we had a great time! asher is very into horses right now and he loved seeing them up close. mia walked right up to santa, hoped up on his lap and had a nice little chat. this is a switch since our picture with him last year is literally her sitting there crying. we found a great tree and so did pete's family. we had a good time walking among the trees and just being together.

with the christmas music playing and the house nice and warm, we decorated both trees on sunday. my family helped us with our upstairs tree and then we did the sentimental tree downstairs just with the kids. mia loved finding her first christmas ornament with her picture and then finding ashers. each of them have a bird that grammie gave them to put in the tree (a symbol of good luck) and the birds were a big hit as well. there are already things that you just know will be looked for every year. let the christmas season begin!


so i'm late in getting this up here but the sentiment is still the same. how amazingly blessed we all are is relvealed to us everyday. i know there are some days when the kids are crying, pete is late, dinner is falling apart on the stove, i'm tired and the phone is ringing all at the same time that feeling thankful may not be the exact thought on my mind but i am. everyday is a new blessing, a new miracle, a new chance to watch the wonder as my children experience something for the first time. to realize that we are truly blessed just to be together. this is why i love thanksgiving. the one time the entire country stops, slows down, and remembers that we all have so many amazing things to be thankful for. how can you not love a holiday that celebrates the things we already have. a holiday that is there to remind us all of the truly important things in life. those things that sometimes go unnoticed but that we are so grateful for and couldn't stand to be without. our little family is so blessed. and if there is ever a day i might lose sight of that (even momentarily) i have two amazing kids who remind me of the importan stuff everyday: love your family, love God without abandon, share, take turns, find comfort in your family (and occasional a stuffed bunny or blue blanket), enjoy every moment, feeling better (especially if this includes a band-aid) is key and hugs and kisses make the world go 'round.

so what did we actually do? well, pete played in the annual turkey bowl - a touch football game his dad started about 30 years ago that guys from all over the city play in thanksgiving morning while the wives are cooking and football's not on yet. poor pete, he has some pretty sore toes as a result of the cold and an ill fitting pair of cleats. (sad thing is mia predicted this for him. when we talked about daddy playing her immediate response was "Daddy play football. He hurt his knee." thankfully it was not his knee. we think this is from when pete played softball this summer and would come home after sliding with scrapped up knees.) then after naps it was off to the wilson household for the big dinner. it was nice to be with family and enjoy each other's company. the kids had fun playing with each other and chasing grandma around the house. a game that never gets old. =)

we celebrated with my family and the kids great grandparents on saturday at my parents house. it was great to have so many people there that we don't get to see very often. we had my sister-in-law melanie's baby shower earlier in the day so it worked out perfectly. it was a very nice shower and a nice time at my parents. it's so great for the kids to get to see their great grandparents as often as they do. we try (not that word) to see grammie (my mom's mom) about once a month. we're not as good at this as we used to be but we're looking to get back into the swing of it here. they get to see my dad's parents a few times a year. mia has a complete love affair going with both of her great grandmas and believe me the feeling in mutual. it's so amazing to watch them together. count this as a definate blessing to have these relationships. it was also the last time we'll see jeff and mel as just a couple. their little one is due in january so flying for christmas would be pushing it. the next time we see them they'll have a new baby! so excited for them.

(not everyone is in the picture but most of us before the final few left on sunday)
we hope all of you had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends and little reminders everywhere of all the blessings in your life.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

crazy life

life has been ... well ... just life i guess. i haven't really been in the mood to sit down and figure out what to say lately so i just haven't done it. lame excuse for not updating anything for a while i know but it's the truth and that's all i got.

it's been getting colder but of course even that changes daily. it's time for warmer coats, sweaters, jeans and the occasional hat and scarf. we've loved looking at all the changing leaves and the colors. mia usually has to pick a leaf or two to bring with her in the van. she's fascinated with all the different colors and sizes and shapes. i'm sure there's a major science lesson in all of that but it's more fun to just enjoy the leaves and play outside. we've been trying to go to the park while we still can (at least on the days that the weather cooperates with us). it's also time to finish up those last few outside projects before it gets too cold. here's the pictures of our little helpers the last time we were out working in the yard.

as you can tell "baby" is mia's love right now. she's a doting mother and loves to rock and sing to baby. we are often told we need to be quiet because baby is sleeping (which means she has put baby to bed in the cradle in asher's room, turned on his lullaby CD, and closed his door.) we've had lots of birthdays lately and fun at parties. we're getting ready for jeff and mel's baby shower this comng weekend. playing, playing, playing. asher's learning new words everyday. the best one for me is his "hi." he doesn't say the "i" so it's just an h sound that he has the most hilarious little face for. he's walking everywhere now and it's usually his mobility of choice. we've been talking about thanksgiving and what it all means. it will be so nice to have the family all together and to see some people that we haven't seen in awhile (and of course those that we see often too). it's hard for me to believe that thanksgiving is already here. this year is just flying by. i think that perhaps it does that when your kids are little. you simply blink your eyes and another month or milestone has gone by. we take a ton of pictures, i'm with the kids everyday and yet still it's hard not to feel like you miss it. like it all just flies right past you while you were grocery shopping or running errands or doing laundry. it amazes me how much mia knows and the things she can do now. but i'm most amazed at her insight. she can read people so well and simply knows when to offer hugs and "i love you"s and cuddles. asher is changing all the time and adding daily to the things he's mastering but again the thing i love is that he wants to cuddle with everyone. he loves to hug mia and love all over her. (now i will be honest, he's a big kid and this cuddling can be overwhelming if you're a small kiddo or not used to it cuz he'll love you right off your feet...just ask his little friend adi. she got some love you off your feet hugs today while we were playing). anyways, i'm rambling, the kids are napping and i prolly better get some things done around the house. talk to you all later!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

first birthday party!

we had a asher's first birthday party yesterday. he is one loved little boy. we had a house full of family and friends. his great grammie and great uncle dave where even able to make it. as you can tell he loved his cupcake. it took him a minute or two to get into it and then he was all about the frosting. =) he was a chocolate mess, but very cute. the kids then headed downstairs to play games, run an obstacle course and earn "medals". they had a great time on the obstacle course daddy designed. asher had lots of helpers opening his presents (which was a good thing since he lost interest in presents and got more interested in dinner). my new little helpers had lots of fun ripping into asher's gifts. thankful granpa wilson was around to help with the assembly of some of his gifts. there was one in particular that actually got quite a few people involved in the assembly (who needs directions?) =) we are so truly blessed by our friends and our family and especially blessed to have our amazing little boy. we love you doodle bug, happy birthday!

happy birthday doodle bug!

i can not believe my little man is a year old already. asher, you have grown so much. it's amazing to watch you explore the world everyday and learn something new with each moment. you are walking and talking now and new words and further steps are coming each day. you light up a room with your smile and your giggle is so contagious. watching you with your sister is pure joy. you love her so much. you can't wait to see her and you love to hug her and hold on to her. like a true little brother you want to do whatever she's doing. following her around all day can make you tired and then you are still my little snuggler. i love when you cuddle in and lay your head on my shoulder. your little body just seems to relax knowing that i'm here. i have to enjoy my cuddles when i get them though because you are definately an adventurous one...and you have the bumps and bruises to prove it! always off in search of the next thing to learn, the next thing to figure out. you love to read and let us know you're feelings at night when it's time to stop reading and put the books away. you fill my heart with a special joy all your own. i am so proud and lucky to be your mom. i love you little doodle bug. happy birthday!

happy halloween

hope you all had a happy halloween. little late in getting this up but well, better late then never. here's our little bo peep and her sheep. it was actually cool enough outside that asher left his hat on most of the time. i think he's becoming a hat guy which is soooo cute! (more pics on that later).
we were then joined by cousin liam as sir topham hat from thomas. he was very snazzy in his little suit and top hat. adorable!
the kids had a great time going around trick or treating and just being together. it was fun to see their faces light up as they got to show off their costumes. mia was so polite and a bit timid. at each house it was "trick-or-treat please." followed by a "thank you." she looked at me about halfway through our evening, "mom, i'm good at trick-or-treating. i say please. i say thank you. i get candy." how can you argue with that? hope you all had a fun time!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

trick or treat

so after i got done with the stamping stuff i moved on to getting halloween costumes ready. hooray that asher fit into mia's lamb costume. since that was the case we decided to make mia little bo peep. so, it was off to find a pattern. of course i just grabbed the one i liked. i mean why bother to look first to see how insane the thing is to make? where's the adventure in that? well after more hours then i will admit to, two sewing machines (the first machine being part of the reason that the hours were so many) and several trips to the fabric store (because why would the pattern actually call for the right amounts of things?) i got her costume done in time to go trick-or-treating downtown this past weekend. we called up her girlfriend kathryn and away we went. (for the record pete, kathryn's mom and her little brother robbie went too but they did not happen to make our picture). as you can see behind us the city we live in blocks off part of downtown by the square and the local businesses hand out candy to the kids. the fire department brings some of the trucks and there are hayrides around the square and apple cider. this is the first time mia has gone trick-or-treating and the conversation went something like this:

me: mia, we're going to go trick-or-treating. do you know what that is
mia: yes.
me: can you tell me?
mia: no.
me: when you trick-or-treat you put on your fancy dress (because this is what she calls her costume) and when you say "trick-or-treat" people will give you candy.
mia: they give me candy?!?!?!?!
me: that's right.
mia: i want to go now mama. let's go now.

it was so amazingly cute. she was also my big supporter when i was having trouble with the first machine. "mama, are you getting frusterated? (spelling intentionally wrong here cuz that's how she says it) don't get frusterated. it's okay. it's just my pretty dress. it's no big deal." i mean how can you not smile?

anyways, trick-or-treat was fun. mia got "alot" of candy (about 10 pieces) and has decieded that the peanut m&ms are her favorite. she can't wait to go again. although she has asked that it not rain this time as it rained on us a bit and cut our evening short. more pictures to come as we continue to wear the "pretty dress".

my new "job"

i like to make cards. i like to stamp. my best friend got me started when we made my wedding invitations and it's been a slowly growing hobby/addiction every since. in the last few years i have gotten most of my "fixes" from a company called stampin' up. great product, good price, i don't have to take the kids anywhere cuz it comes to my door. so my "supplier" has been telling me for awhile now that i need to become a "supplier" myself (they're actually called demonstrators but supplier seemed to fit more with the addiction theme). i've been toying with the idea and finally decided to do it a little while ago. i had my first little workshop about a week or so ago and it went well. i mean people learned something, i didn't sound totally crazy and everyone had a good time. this constitutes extreme success to me. i just want a way to pay for my "habit" and continue to suck my friends into my crafting world. it's always more fun to do things with other people. so that's the short version of my latest adventure. i'm sure there's more to say but i'm not feeling very wordy or clever today so we'll just stick to the facts and leave it at that. maybe if i fell clever i'll post a card later....maybe. =)

other fall activities

so it's actually been awhile since this happened but we went with pete's family to a corn maze in the area. they had a train ride for the kids, hay rides, and a corn box. now here's a new concept to me. it's a sand box that's made of corn instead of sand. an interesting concept and one the kids loved! i mean who thinks of filling a giant box with corn and letting children jump and play in it? one of those crazy ideas that is crazy enough to work. my nephew actually would not leave the thing to go into the corn maze. hilarious! the rest of us ventured into the maze for all of about 15 minutes. long enough for us to get a picture and for mia to decide she was done. what'd ya do? so back to the corn box we went...for the rest of our afternoon. they loved having grandma fill up the buckets and "shower" them. this was only slightly more fun then belly flopping into the box. it was hilarious and they loved every minute of it. asher was loving it until he tried to stand up in it and couldn't get solid enough footings to actually get to his feet. (the mom in me was a bit worried about corn going straight to his mouth...he had no interest in that though...whew!) needless to say we found corn for days hiding in pockets, shoes, socks (which of course also meant the washer later) and the van.

a corn shower for liam .... and one for mia

fun for asher

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And he's off!

yep, he's walking! actually i'm a little late. he took his first timid steps a little over a week ago (just those first 1-2 steps that are kind of more falling into you with style than walking). now, he's giong a few feet at a time and building his confindence. it's fun to watch the differences. mia just took off. she went straight from cruising along furniture to walking almost across the room. asher's going to ease his way into this transition. =) he loves to practice and his smile just lights up the room. he wants to walk everywhere with a hand held. still more crawling than walking at this point but there's more walking everyday. maybe by his birthday. he's also now taught himself to go down the stairs (still not well but we're working on it). i'm breathing a little easier but still feel the need to be close. i can't believe how fast he's growing up. i was helding my friend kerri's little guy today. he's 5 1/2 weeks and it just amazes me to think how far asher's come since then. i still think of him as my baby (and he still is really) but he's just so far away from the newborn stage already. we're so lucky to have him (and his sister, of course!). i love to watch him learn new things everyday and explore more things. to learn new sounds and new experiences. it's amazing. i'm so very blessed. i love you doodle bug and i'm so proud of you!

Monday, October 1, 2007

bad about blogging...

oops. okay so i have not been that great about getting things posted on here. sorry. we've had a busy couple of weeks since our last update. there are a few sad notes as two very neat ladies we knew went to be with the Lord. we were glad to be there for our grieving friends and family. it's an odd thing when you know someone is now in heaven. you're sad for yourself and for those that are still here on earth but it's so amazing to think about where those people are now and how much better it is for them. it's an odd mix of sorrow and joy all rolled together.

okay so what have we been doing....i have no idea =) i'll just start writing and we'll see where this takes us. we've been going to the state park alot lately and walking along the beach or taking one of the hiking trails. the kids love it and it's nice to be outside...especially this time of year. mia has become infatuated with acorns and no matter how well i think i've gone through her pockets i still always seem to find one or two in the washer. (nice and clean but how clean does an acorn really need to be?) asher tends to prefer riding on pete's shoulders and trying to touch all the leaves as we go by. we're so glad our kids like to be outside.

us at the park

then there's our trip to the pumpkin patch. i love this! fall is my favorite time of year and i love to decorate the house with pumpkins and gourds and all the fun fall colors. i have no idea what it is about pumpkins but i just think they're fun. we bought some mums too to replace our poor sad looking impatiens in the front. poor things....not too sure i have a very green thumb. mia loved picking out pumpkins and adding them to our every growing pile in the wheelbarrow. oh my. she would pick each one up and remark about how heavy it was and then either drop it over the side of the wheelbarrow or hand it to one of us. asher just loved the fact that he was outside. didn't matter what we were doing.

mia looking for just the right pumpkin

asher's found the one he wants!
pete's been busy at work though he has new hours now. he's only working from 8-4 (not 7-5). it's so nice to have him home an hour earlier. it's amazing how much easier it is to make dinner when daddy's entertaining the troups. =) i've been busy making invitations for baby showers. something must have been in the water a little while ago because there seems to be another baby boom around us. it's been fun to have a stamping project again. mia's learning something new every day. she's learned to spread cheese on her crackers all by herself (needless to say we eat nothing but cheese and crackers right now) and is working on buttons. some days she's got it and some days it's a little trickier. we continue to go to baby talk (early literacy program that the kids LOVE) and mia is now enrolled in the toddler program at the library (which asher gets to tag along to). asher is standing by himself and constantly going up the stairs. he loves to wave to everyone and smiles all the time. it's hard to believe he's almost a year old! i think that's pretty much the picture of our lives at the moment...though i'm sure i'll post this and something else will come to mind. =) talk to you all soon!

Friday, September 21, 2007

the orchard

this past weekend my brother was in town and since it was a nice crisp fall day we headed out to the apple orchard to pick apples and enjoy the day. it was a perfect fall day and the perfect activity. we road the wagon out to the orchard and had fun picking apples high and low. mia loved finding ones that were just at her height and having papa and uncle jeff pick her up to get the ones that were a little too high for her. we all loved "sampling" an apple or two as we walked between the trees. even asher loved the apples. pete handed him one and he happily munched away while riding high in the carrier. before we knew it we had loaded our bags full of apples. jeff became the designated carrier though it took a bit of convincing to get mia to relinquish her heavy bag of red apples. jeff simply kept adding apples into her bag instead of his until she decided on her own it was too heavy to carry and handed it over. she was just too precious walking among the trees nibbling her apple to not stop and take a few shots of her. after loading our apples up it was off to the little farm to see the animals. we had quite a few animals to visit: goats, sheep, chickens, cows, llamas, pigs, bunnies, baby chicks and i don't even remember what else. mia liked feeding the goats. she wasn't too sure about the calf that wanted to suck on her finger and keep licking her hand. not too sure she liked his rough tongue. =)

then it was on to the little store where it was apple cinnamon donuts and cider for all of us. yum! what a perfect fall day.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

he's home!!

hooray! pete's home. actually i've been really bad about posting and he's been home since monday. we've been enjoying our family time and just spending every moment together doing whatever we want. =)

his trip was great. the first thing he said when talked on the phone was that he loved it and that we should move there. (oh my!) the people were wonderful. so friendly and laid back. the food was wonderful. i guess they don't have an organic section since everything there is organic. (how nice is that??) the country is beautiful (as you can see from a few of his pictures that are here). the trip was successful from a business perspective too. should probably mention that since technically that's the reason he went.

he stayed with the grandparents of a friend of ours. they were so sweet to host him and his business partner. both the guys feel in love with the family and felt so welcome and at home. what more can you ask for? pete got to drive on the "wrong" side of the road and saw some amazing views almost everywhere he went. he is definately a fan of the country and can't wait to go back...with me of course. =)

pete and the boys with "grandma" and the girls

he brought home lots of goodies. mostly food. =) lots of chocolate...let me know if you want any, it's great! delicious honey, jam and other sweets. he also brought the kids raro (new zealand kool-aid) which is really good and some l&p (which is their version of sprite) also quite tasty. i thought all of it was pretty fun. he brought me a new addiction as well. he went into a kids clothing store called pumpkin patch. oh my! adorable stuff. i just found their website and am trying to decide if any of it really fits into the budget (it doesn't really). it way cute stuff though. of course maybe i just like it because it comes from over there. =) he also brought me a beautiful little trip treat of my own in the form of silver jewelry. isn't he great?? we're so glad to have him home!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

her own card

no plans today! acutally a wonderful thing. eased into our morning and stayed in our jammies for quite a while. after lunch we headed to the library. i've been telling mia we were going to go get books on new zealand so we could look at pictures of where daddy was. she tells people when they ask where pete is "new zealand" and they all look at me to see if she's right. i'm not sure what's stranger to them, that she knows at age 2 that new zealand exists or that pete is actually there. :) anyways, she loved getting her own card, signing the back and checking out the books. she had to carry her card out of the library all on her own and then she wanted to put it in my purse because her purse was at home (and all "cards" go in purses). i got some cute pictures but as mentioned previously the camera doesn't work with the computer. (i'm going to try to work on that)

it was a relaxing day. mia recently discovered winnie-the-pooh and so we spent some lazy time with a movie too. she actually got started with pooh by reading some books her grandparents got her that are like mini science lessons (where does the sun go at night? how do things grow? etc.) when i told her we had a pooh movie she thought that would be great. is it interesting to anyone else that the books came first?

asher had a big day however and climbed the entire flight of stairs by himself. this is a first. he's done one or two steps but never attempted the whole thing (we have alot of stairs). also on a cute note, when i went in to check on him last night he was talking in his sleep. :) at first i thought he was up but when i peeked in his crib he was all curled up with his blanket just babbling in his sleep. it was adorable!!

the big weekend

spent most of the weekend with the families. start saturday with some quick errands and leaving the house so repairs could be completed. then immediately off to friend's surprise graduation party from her doctorate program. surprise is success. lose track of time and miss naps more then intended. mia loved the inflatable jumping thing (are they called moonwalks anymore?) did not want to leave. came home and crashed. end of day one.

day two. off to my parents. my grandparents were in town and it's so nice for the kids to get to spend time with them. not sure who has more fun honestly. great grandma teaches mia the fundamentals of sewing. smile at the awestruck student who couldn't wait to get her hands on the project (which actually happened to be hand sewing a line of yarn on a scrap piece of paper). enlist my grandmother's help in hand cutting part of friend's baby shower invitations. love how much grandma loves helping me and relax and enjoy the time together. in the evening off to my aunt's parents' house (if you can follow all of that, her side of the family, no relation to us but close nonetheless). lots of people, lots of conversations, lots of chaos but good to see far off family. leave without dinner (remember chaos) so kids can get to bed on time. end of day two.

day three. start off with church. this entails shower with both children and then instructions to two year old to go ahead upstairs and start getting dressed. workmen are here finishing job from yesterday. naked two year old runs off excited to pick out her clothes. follow behind her a few minutes later to find her, not in her room, but standing naked, in the upstairs window with the poor workmen on the other side of the window trying to work. listen to her happily exclaim that "the boys are fixing my house." shake head and hurry two year old to her room to clothe her. go to church. be completely blessed that both kids go happily to nursery (this is normal but all bets are off when alone) and by amazing worship music and presence of God. off to pete's parents. have good time chatting and cooking over the bonfire. gotta love hot dogs (well, i don't actually....vegetarian and all) and s'mores. try to monitor how much sugar the two year old ingests. fail and realize she has already consumed numerous marshmallows but breath sigh of relief when she willingly switches to graham crackers. *whew* get cute new jewelry from sister-in-law's former business that she's selling 1/2 off. love that asher is mostly happy with grandma during dinner so i can assist mia and that he's totally happy with grandpa for a good long while after dinner...until he sees me. have great time and leave in time for kids to get to bed on time with only minor complaints from two year old once we're home. end of day three.

be grateful for busy days and family as distraction from the fact that daddy's not home. be just as grateful that the next day brings no plans. :)

new zealand?

yes, new zealand. pete is off on a wonderful adventure to new zealand for way too many days. we're already on day five and so far we're doin' good. how do you survive you ask when you have two kids two and under by yourself 24/7?? here's how:

spend first day husband leaves quickly loading kids into car to bring him things he forgot, then running errands for you and him of things that didn't have a chance to get done before he left. be grateful for the mini-van!!

enjoy weekend with busy schedule and lots of family (see future posts). be grateful that both sets of grandparents live in the area and are wonderful!! enjoy spending time with the kids great grandparents too and realize that no matter how wonderful family is they will never replace you in the eyes of your 10 month old ... no matter how many times you try to let someone else hold him so you can go to the bathroom alone :)

love that your husband, despite leaving, is still as romantic as the day you met him. receive flowers the day he leaves and an edible bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries and banana pieces today.

also enjoy that the florist goofed so a new bouquet is coming tomorrow courtesy of them.

find out that the camera you borrowed from your parents (since husband has yours in far off foreign country) is not compatible with your computer. no way to add cute pictures to updates this week.

take daughter to library to get books on place where daddy is. get her her own library card (thanks to my friend for the idea of bringing the camera along...mia loved how extra special that made it!) love that she tells younger brother he has to wait until he is two to get his card. realize you have likely started a tradition.

realize countless times a day how richly God has blessed us (especially when family and friends just call to "check-in" on us and see if we need anything).

miss husband terribly especially at night when the house is quiet and the kids are tucked into bed sleeping.

Friday, August 31, 2007

just in time

we went to the park the other morning. i wasn't planning on taking the camera with us but as we were leaving mia came out of my room, camera in tow. "bring the camera, mama and we'll take pictures." can't really argue with that. :) we had a great time. they love to be outside. there were a few other kids there and mia quickly made friends. she had lots of fun climbing up all the ladders (a feat that still makes me a little nervous on the ones that curve up to the equipment) and going down the big slides. two of the slides were wide enough for both kids to go down together and they both thought that was fun. they had to hold hands and go. it was pretty cute. asher kept signing "more" every time he got to the bottom. we had a good time playing but it was getting pretty humid and sticky so we came home. shortly after we walked in the door it started pouring down rain. our trip to the park was just in time. :) don't ya love it when it works out that way??

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

thanks to my girls!

hooray for girlfriends! had some not fun info the other day and after initially being a bit upset by it realized that God had blessed me with great girlfriends for a reason. an impromptu girls night ensued....and when i say impromptu i mean from phone call to face time about an hour. (i mean that is serious friendship!) of course with that short notice not all the wonderful ladies in my life were able to attend (understandably) but we had a great night. i mean girl friends, drinks, dessert, and a great husband who's willing to watch the kids, what more can you ask for??

went to a great little restuarant where desserts were passed around the table and fun drinks were a must. there's something special about girlfriends that always makes even yucky stuff better. it was an uplifting night of laughter, love, concern for each other and focusing on the future and brighter things. thanks girls!! you know i love ya!
ps. thanks for the picture, love!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

fun pictures

i realized as i was going through pictures that i hadn't shared these and they're pretty fun. just some of the fun adventures from the summer.

gotta love girlfriends!!

mia (in the green) with girl friends chloe, kathryn and anika

fun in the water

go uncle jimmy!

crazy daddy! (hamming it up for the camera)

asher wants a turn to play with the ball too!

mia driving papa's boat

mom moment

for all the moms out there....do you ever have moments when it hits you that you are now the mom? i have two beautiful children and i know i'm a mom but every once in awhile it still hits me in a new way that wow, i'm the mom. we had a pretty good thunderstorm (again) the other night. mia just recently began having trouble with the thunder and it tends to scare her enough that she won't even get out of bed. she just hides in her covers and whimpers. i went up to her room and she immediately crawled into my lap. "mama, i'm scared. the thunder is loud!" we snuggled for a minute then i laid her back down. she looked up at me and asked me to lay with her and hold her. as i'm laying there with her, listening to her breathing slow down and watching her gently drift back to sleep, all i could think of was when i was little and my mom would come and lay with us during thunderstorms. now, i'm the one comforting a child in the middle of the night in a storm. just one of those moments where you realize on yet another level that you're now the mom not the kid. a cool realization and quite a bit amazing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

our latest news

i feel like i haven't had a chance to sit down to update everyone in a little while, sorry. it has been raining, and raining and raining here. i think we're all ready to be outside. we've been able to get out a little but my little ones are ready to be on their swings and in the yard. mia looked out the window the other day "mama my swing's still wet! get a towel and dry it off?" unfortunately, it was still pouring down rain as we had this conversation so we had to wait a little while longer. we've gone out a few times when it's just drizzling and she thinks that's pretty funny.

asher is now beginning to stand on his own for brief seconds. he still seems a little amazed and sits down right away when he realizes he's doing it. i have yet to be fast enough with the camera to catch him doing it without holding on but i'm sure that will come. we went for his 9 month check up and he's doing great. 21 lbs and 28 1/2 inches. i'm still so amazed by that. mia was so little it just cracks me up everytime they check him. he's also been working on teeth....lots of teeth. he now has his top four teeth as well for a grand total of 6. oh my! he's learning to sign and has mastered "more" so now we're on to the next one. he's pretty cute though cuz he'll sign more while he's just sitting on the floor. then he looks at me and just grins. it's so stinkin' cute!!

mia continues to amaze me everyday. we are so blessed to have both of our kids. she is such a helper and so polite. she now asks to be excused from the table (after she asks every person present if they are done too). she's very into learning if people like the same things she does. sample conversation:
mia "i like milk. do you like milk mama?"
me "yes, i like milk."
mia "do you like milk daddy? (or anyone else in the room)
daddy "yes, i like milk"
mia "i like milk too." (pause for thought..big smile..) "asher likes milk too!" (even though he doesn't drink milk yet.)

needless to say asher remarkably likes all the same things mia does. :) she always asks for music to dance too (hmmm..dance class anyone?) and is usually carrying a book around with her. her book of choice at the moment is the bible. i mean seriously, how can i ask her to hurry into the van so we won't be late when she tells me "wait a minute mama. i have to bring my bible."

i've been diving head first into organizing the house. we've been trying to add all those touches that make it a home but i've been bitten by the clean-it-out bug. closets, garage and spare rooms beware! the goodwill pile is growing and the trash men will hate me. where does all this stuff come from?? i really don't think we have all that much "extra" stuff but it still amazes me. i am beginning to think there is something wrong with me though because i love to go through stuff, clean it out and organize it. i love the way things look when you're done and to know that we've been able to donate things to people who need them more than we do. the house is beginning to shape up and after this weekend (when i get a bit of pete's help) i'll try to post a few pics of the clean, new spaces!