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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sleeping and other news

For those of you who have asked we are having decent success with Mia and her sleeping. Thanks for asking. She's doing well and I am happy to report has recieved several TV dots in the last few days. We still have some issues every once in awhile but overall things are going smoother and we continue to pray for insight as parents and ways to help her. She is so adorable. She's barely two and her vocabulary and understanding amaze me (of course i'm also her mom). She has some of the funniest little saying...

"Mia, I love you." "I love you too baby."
"Mia do you want to .... (go potty, read a book, whatever)." "No, not to today thank you."
"Dear Jesus, thank you for the car wash. Amen." (this is usually her prayer at mealtime)
"Ring around the rosie, pocket full o "osie. Asher, Asher all fall down. Fall down silly." (usually sung to Asher while he is in his high chair eating...and which he thinks is hilarious.)

We have entire conversations at this point. Maybe this is normal for someone who turned two a month ago but either way I love it. She sings her songs from her reading program, from her swim class and from her music CDs. There are flags at our church that can be used during worship and she will often ask to use the pink one which she then dances with. We were at home listening to her Veggie Tales worship CD she looks at me, "Mama, where's my flag. I need a flag." Needless to say we now have several flags (American at the moment) available for her to use when she's dancing. Usually she will hand one to someone else too so they can run and dance with her. She's amazing with Asher.

Asher is now up on all fours and rocking back and forth. He's gone forward a few times but I'm not sure he's quite sure how he did it....yet! He's a master at going backward and rolling around but he's sooooo ready to crawl. He loves to stand. He pushes himself into sitting all the time. He says "Mama" and "Dada". Sometimes as babbling sometimes with more intention (i was gone one night and he kept saying "Mama" to Pete...made me not want to miss bedtime again. when i leave the room he will often yell "Mama!" until i come back in.) He is done with baby food. He was sooo fussy yesterday and today until we gave him finger food to eat. Immediately calm....immediately eating. Oh my! So far he likes yogurt, oatmeal, chicken, cheese, blueberries, black beans, onion (that was daddy), cherrios, jello, bread and ice cream. He is constantly moving....constantly! He's also teething. Any day now it would be great for those teeth to come on in. Nothing yet but he's sure working on it....especially the last few days.


The Maines Family Blog said...

sounds like lots of fun in the Wilson household! hope to see you all soon!

librariane said...

I just love it when something clicks--like Asher and wanting 'real' food. And I'm glad to hear bedtime is going okay. I keep finding blurbs about parents rewarding good behavior instead of focusing on punishing for the bad, so kudos for keeping up with the trend! ;)