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Friday, June 8, 2007

Our first posting!

Hooray we've joined the technology age and have gotten things posted on the internet to keep everyone updated and aware of what's going on in our little world. Mia is now two! Oh my how do we have a two-year old already?? She just got here. She is talking a mile a minute and repeating everything. She's amazing to watch and keeps us happily running all day long! She decided about two weeks ago that she was too big for her paci and for diapers. She's been doing great with both decisions and we are so proud of her! She loves to be outside and has such a sweet heart. We were at the beach the other night and saw two deer drinking from a stream. She kept waving and talking to them and then as we were leaving waved and called over her shoulder "Good-bye deers. Have a good day!" Then as we left the beach she waved again and called out "Good night beach. Have good dreams!" She is a wonderful big sister and her little brother adores her. Every time he sees her he lights up! Asher is already 7 months old. Good grief the time goes fast! He sits up on his own and is starting to pull his knees up underneath him. No crawling yet though (which is kind of okay since we're running after Mia so much). He is a great eater and thinks it is hilarious when his sister tries to feed him. Very little gets in his mouth but they both laugh hysterically. He is such a happy guy. Always smiling and laughing. He's a great cuddler and at this point in his life I admit he is a bit of a Mama's boy (a fact Pete loves to point out...to which a quiet comment about Daddy's girl usually gets him on a new subject). He's also a great sleeper which is wonderful. Asher has been sleeping through the night for a few months now. It's amazing (and a little odd for us since Mia was not the greatest sleeper as a baby). We are so blessed with our two kiddos! We're so excited to get this up and running so we can share all the fun with you.


librariane said...

Hooray! I can't wait to meet Asher and see Mia--it's been a *year* since we've all seen each other, can you believe it?

Anonymous said...
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