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Sunday, June 24, 2007


So here are the kids in the pool. We got to swim on Friday again and the kids loved it! Mia wore the lifejacket again and was all over the pool. She loved swimming by herself. Asher had a blast in the water. He loved to slap the water and splash. He wasn't too sure he liked it when other people splashed him but within seconds he was laughing and smiling again. It was a fun day at the pool and we look forward to many more. Mia was even really brave at our swim lesson the next day and let go of me to try to swim on her own. She went underwater and though she sputtered a little looked right at me and said "I swim myself Mama!" Going underwater must not have been too terrible because she did it again later in the lesson. Oh my! Such a brave girl.

Asher is working on crawling and is having great success scooting himself backward. It does tend to frustrate him a bit though since he is trying so hard to go forward. He got himself under the footrest and he was just too cute not to take a picture. He's so close to crawling. He even got himself up on his knees a few times. Look out world. And look out Mia...your stuff is only safe for a little while longer.

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The hopeless gardener said...

kids and their pools. oh it makes the time go fast. it also works as a great bribe!!