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Monday, June 25, 2007

thoughts on 30

so my 30th birthday was yesterday. weird. i remember when 30 seemed so far away ... like a real grown-up (not that getting married and having two kids hasn't given me the title of real grown-up but you know what i mean). it got here so fast. makes me wonder how fast the rest of it's going to go. it's been great and i wouldn't trade any of it. i'm not sure what i expected my life to be like when i was 30. maybe that's why i'm not freaking out or really worrying about it. it seems like it should be a big deal. so many people have a hard time with it. it doesn't bother me it just seems weird. i still feel like i'm about 25 ... out of college, an adult but still figuring everything out, comfortable with who i am but still working on that too. i think that last part's probably a continual journey. you know who you are at the core but it's all those layers that get ya. it seems kind of like a transition somehow...although a transition to what i'm not sure. i have alot of friends who are still in their twenties. maybe that's it. the transition from the twentysomething group to the thirtysomething group. though what does that matter really? who knows. maybe it'll be 31 that gets me and makes me feel "old". does any of this make any sense? probably not. :) anyways it was a great weekend. my parents took the kids saturday night so pete and i could be alone for the evening. it was so nice. we had a generous gift certificate to a local restaurant and we blew the whole thing on a long dinner (drinks, appetizers, dessert, the whole thing). it was so wonderful to sit and talk and take our time. then a quiet night with a movie at home (no interruptions...wow!). it's amazing how things change when you have kids. we talked about going into the city, staying for the night, seeing a show. but with the craziness at bedtime (and everywhere else) it seemed way more fabulous to relax and actually get to enjoy each other's company. we had a simple open house, come hang out for awhile thing sunday after church. it's a hard time for alot of our friends due to kids nap times but it was great to see those that could make it. the weekend was just what i needed...relaxing! once we're all sleeping a little better i'm all over planning a little getaway but until then relaxation seems like the most wonderful thing in the world.


librariane said...

Ah, yes, the big 3-0. I had more flak when I turned 29, actually, as everyone was teasing me that NEXT year I would be turning 30. When I actually *turned* 30 it was no big deal...

And as for a nice, long, relaxing dinner (getting the works), that is my favorite kind of date.

gianna said...

I freaked out when I turned 20! Crazy! But I think I will be okay in 2 months when I turn 30. I think it helps that I have 2 adorable girls, a wonderful husband, and great friends and family. We may not be where we want to be at all, but at least our family is healthy, happy, and together.