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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where have we been??

Visiting Great Grandparents
We've been on vacation!! We had such a great time. We started our trip with a visit to my grandparents in Oberlin, OH. It was wonderful to see them and the great grandparents and great grandkids had a great time together. Mia learned to love cherries and great-grandpa taught her how to spit the pits out the back door (something they both thought was great!). Mia also got to go swimming with them and they had a blast. Asher showed off his eating ability and great-grandma and great-grandpa both took turns laughing and feeding him more. I got to spend some wonderful time looking at their old pictures and hearing stories from when they were little (especially my grandmother) which was really special for both of us.

Then it was off to Pennsylvania to camp for two nights. We got very mixed reviews before we left about camping with two small children. Though some people may be able to do this well we have decided that until the kids get older we will not venture to try this again. It's way to hard to have kids nap in a hot tent and to have them go to bed together with us in a tent. The days were fun though and Bald Eagle State Park was very pretty. It's situated on a very nice lake with a decent beach and playground. The kids enjoyed themselves and Mia loved seeing all the birds and bunnies (they were everywhere!). We rented a pontoon boat one afternoon and boated around the lake a bit. We even stopped to swim off the boat for awhile. Mia thought it was great, Asher was not too sure about the whole thing (teething and lack of sleep were catching up with him).

Pete and Mia on the boat

Asher chillin' in the tent and the four of us posing for a picture in front of the gorgeous mountain backdrop that surrounded the lake.

Water park hotel
After our camping adventure we were ready for a different kind of adventure so back in the car we went and headed off to the Great Wolf Lodge water park hotel in the Poconos. It was wonderful!!! especially after the crazy camping. If you have never tried a water park hotel and your family likes water at all we highly recommend it. We played in the park all afternoon the first day we got there. Mia wanted a life jacket and from then on was all over the park doing everything "myself". In the evening the hotel has an animatronic clock tower where the animals and people sing some songs and tell a little story. Then one of the hotel staff comes out and sits with all the kids by the fireplace to read a bedtime story. One of the hotel mascots was there (Biko the bear) to take pictures with the kids afterwards and wave good night. Mia loved it and on night two opted for story time over staying at the water park (you know it's a big deal then). Mia loved the slides, the wave pool, swimming by herself, going down the big slides
with one of us and sticking her foot on the little geysers to spray water. Honestly the geyser spraying may have been her favorite part. Since only hotel guests can use the park there really are no lines and the number of people is really manageable. Asher loved the fact that in some parts the water was only a few inches deep so he could sit and splash or crawl around. He also liked playing in the smaller geysers and splashing himself. It was so convenient for nap time too to be able to simply go upstairs, rest a while and then return downstairs to the fun.

Visiting Family in New Jersey
After our fun stay at the water park hotel it was off to see Pete's cousin Debbie and her family in New Jersey. Their daughter Lea is a year old and the kids had fun playing together. It was nice for our kids to have a house to roam around in and some more toys to play with. The grown-ups just enjoyed being together and catching up a little. It was nice to just relax and rest with each other. They are a great family and we wish they didn't live so far away. Of course we didn't catch up on all that much sleep since we all stayed up talking but it was great. They have two dogs and Mia immediately took to their yellow lab. She loves my parents yellow lab too and we are beginning to get a little nervous with the trend. :)
Asher and Lea playing with her wagon

Sasha's Wedding
So this is the event that actually prompted our whole trip. Sasha and I met in college and there was no way we could miss her wedding to Dave. We were so excited for them! They had a beautiful ceremony in the gardens and then an amazing reception. I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been too. As guests we felt completely taken care of and the reception was amazing. We started with an hor'doeurve hour that was amazing (sushi station, pasta station, fresh seafood - lobster tail, oysters, clams, etc., fruit & cheese, fresh baked bread, bruschetta - three kinds, you get the idea). All set in a beautiful place. Then a four course dinner with a great band and a dessert hour similar to the hor'doeurve hour (it was fabulous!). I have rarely seen people so quickly and happily on the dance floor. Everyone had a great time. The best part - the absolute glow on my friend Sasha's face the entire day! I have never seen her look more beautiful or happy. Then as if the day wasn't great enough as my girl friends and I were catching up that evening my friend Jollyne finally lets us in on the fact that she's pregnant......with twins!!!!!! We had all been kind of guessing and trying to subtly ask her how things were going but it wasn't until we were all together that she told us. She and her husband Brian have been trying for a while so these babies are an even bigger blessing! We are soooooo excited for them. We can't wait to see what they're having and the boys were all placing their bets. It was a great day and I was so glad I was able to catch up with some of my friends from college. I would be a terrible wife if I didn't profusely thank my amazing husband. The wedding was at noon so by the time we were sampling all the food it was smack in the middle of nap time and our little ones were getting tired. He very graciously offered to take them to the hotel so I could stay and enjoy my friends and the reception. Then after the wedding (things were done by 6pm) and we had the kids fed and ready for bed he again stayed in the room with them so I could go downstairs to spend more time with Sasha, Jollyne and Katherine. He is an amazing husband and I am so lucky to have him! Everyone was commenting on what a great guy he was and of course I had to agree!

Katherine (pregnant with her 2nd), Jollyne (8 wks along with twins), Sasha & me

It was a great trip and the kids did wonderful on our drive home. We returned home in two days. It was great to be back. We had a few crazy surprises when we got home but it was still great to be home, back in our own beds and back on our "schedule". We would love to hear about your vacations. Let us know where you're going or where you've been!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Asher's Big Weekend

Some of Asher's activities this weekend just seemed to warrant their own attention. He cut his first tooth on Friday afternoon! His little bottom tooth. It wasn't there at breakfast but was happily peeking out by lunch. Then on Sunday he cut his second tooth (also a bottom tooth). I am hoping he will get a little break from the teething pain he has been in the past few days. Sunday's tooth appearance explained the little bruise he left on my shoulder Saturday from teething on it so hard. He's such a happy guy but it's definately been bothering him lately. And as if two teeth weren't enough, he began to crawl too! He was very happily crawling about 5-6 feet at a time last night and his skills are only improving today! He's growing up so fast! It's exciting to watch him and he is so proud of himself. Needless to say he is loving this new found ability to explore and move. So many milestones in one weekend. He was definately a busy guy!

(off to explore Mia's room)

Fun family weekend

We started off the weekend Friday with a trip to the beach with Jeff and Mel. It was a great beach day. We got there early so the temerature wasn't too hot. Mel's parents brought their kayaks and they were the first place Mia went. She climbed right in and sat down. Jeff was very sweet and immediately took her out onto the water. She loved the boat ride! As soon as they got back to the beach she hopped out and climbed into the other kayak (had to see if there was a difference you know.) So out they went for another ride. She definately loves the water and she and Jeff had fun together. Asher had a slightly less active day...

it was nap time and bless his heart after a little rolling around he actually fell asleep in the shade.I was amazed. He didn't sleep long though and since we were driving to Illlinois that night we left when he woke up so the kids could get lunch and take good afternoon naps.

Saturday and Sunday
We got together with quite a few of the Wilson clan for the rest of the weekend. Pete's Uncle Dan and Aunt Pat were sweet to host all of us. There are four more babies in the group since the last time we all got together. Lots of kids, lots of family, lots of food. As Pete's brother Dave says ... "Good times." It was great to see everyone, especially cousin Kitty who we haven't seen in a long time. It was great to talk with her and to catch up (at least briefly) with everyone.
Mia got to sleep in her own tent with us in the basement. She loved it! We may just have a camper on our hands too. The weekend consisted of lots of fun activities:



making homemade ice cream in the ice cream ball (with Daddy, Kent and Sophie)

it takes alot of rolling....alot!

We even got to see fireworks Saturday night. It was a great weekend and we loved seeing everyone. Hopefully we can catch up with those that couldn't make it soon.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

We had a 4th of July at our house this year. Jeff and Mel are here from Colorado so we got together with my family, Pete's family and Melanie's parents. It was a full house but it was nice to see everyone and celebrate the fact that we live in such an amazing country. We truly are blessed. Pete made some amazing barbeque (or so this vegetarian is told) that he slow cooked for 24 hours. He got the recipe from "the master barbequer" as he calls our friend's dad. We were so glad he shared the recipe with Pete. I've been having fun deciding which hoiday outfit to put the kids in. We recieved quite a few outfits (as hand-me downs or as loans) and it's been fun to pull out a new one almost every day this week.

Mia had a blast playing on the 3rd with her uncle Jeff in the sprinklers so at least a few of those pictures had to go up too. Jeff was skipping and hopping through the sprinkler being silly so Mia had to try to do the exact same dance as she went through. It was sooo cute to watch. Jeff is really good with her and they had a good time. He even taught her how to kink the hose to stop the water, a trick she thought was great!

We also got some great news on the 4th of July. Jeff and Mel are going to have a baby!!!!! Hooray! We are so excited for them and know that our two kiddos will love playing with their new cousin when he/she gets here. They had a cute way of telling everyone. They gave Mia new jammies that read "Miss Adorable" (on the front) "Has a cousin in Colorado" (on the back). Very fun. Everyone was very excited. Little Baby D will be here in January but Mel has an ultrasound scheduled to pinpoint an exact due date.

We leave tomorrow for Illionois and Pete's family reunion and tonight get to have dinner with his Uncle Mike and Aunt Carolyn from California. Let the celebration continue! Hope you all had a happy 4th!

Monday, July 2, 2007

A Wild Ride

Okay so heart attack today for Mom. Mia decided to let go of the swing tonight while she was swinging. She did a complete somersault in the air and landed face down in the mulch. I thought I was going to have a heart attack right then. Thankfully with the exception of an extremely scratched face she is fine. Her first words were "Mama, I scared." "Me too, baby. Me too." We asked her what she was going to do next time. If she was going to hold on to the swing or not hold on. She looked at us like we were nuts. "I hold on!" (Genius child I'm telling you) By the time I got back outside from getting some things to clean her up and medicine for the scratches she was back on the swing and asking for pushes. Of course I was barely pushing her thinking she might still be a little nervous. Nope! Not our little dare devil. "Push me higher please." You have to love her spirit and willingness to try again. We are hoping things look better in the morning (the pictures were taken when we got inside...have to have proof of an insane stunt like that). She also reminded Asher right afterward to hold onto his swing. Always the big sister looking out for her little brother. Such a sweet heart.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

a book to read

i just finished a book that i need to read again. a book i feel i should share with every woman i know. some of you have probably read it...if not read it. the book is Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. if you do not know how God feels about you, read this book. if you do not know who you are as a woman, read this book. if you do not know that you are a lovely, beautiful, captivating woman, read this book. every woman i know is beautiful. every woman i know is lovely. every woman i know has so many amazing things to offer to this world. not every woman i know knows this about herself. i did not know this about myself. for most of my life i have been listening to the voice in my head that said i was not enough and that i was too much all at the same time. the voice that said i had little to offer, that i should stay quiet because people either did not want to hear or would not understand what i was really trying to say. that i was too much of a mess. for years i blamed myself for this voice...low self-esteem, it's my fault. you know by now who's voice i was hearing (that i'm sure some of you hear whispering in your ear those negative things about yourself). it was definately not the voice of God and as soon as i told this voice that my Savior loved me and to leave me alone....it did! all those thoughts are lies. God loves me. i am wonderful, beautiful, amazing. i have so many things to offer, especially when i am vulnerable enough to let myself out. if you are a man you are not exempt from reading this book. if you have a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter (especially if you have a daughter) read this book. i would love to know what you think if and when you read it. i got so much out of it i felt i needed to at least let people know it was out there.