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Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

We had a 4th of July at our house this year. Jeff and Mel are here from Colorado so we got together with my family, Pete's family and Melanie's parents. It was a full house but it was nice to see everyone and celebrate the fact that we live in such an amazing country. We truly are blessed. Pete made some amazing barbeque (or so this vegetarian is told) that he slow cooked for 24 hours. He got the recipe from "the master barbequer" as he calls our friend's dad. We were so glad he shared the recipe with Pete. I've been having fun deciding which hoiday outfit to put the kids in. We recieved quite a few outfits (as hand-me downs or as loans) and it's been fun to pull out a new one almost every day this week.

Mia had a blast playing on the 3rd with her uncle Jeff in the sprinklers so at least a few of those pictures had to go up too. Jeff was skipping and hopping through the sprinkler being silly so Mia had to try to do the exact same dance as she went through. It was sooo cute to watch. Jeff is really good with her and they had a good time. He even taught her how to kink the hose to stop the water, a trick she thought was great!

We also got some great news on the 4th of July. Jeff and Mel are going to have a baby!!!!! Hooray! We are so excited for them and know that our two kiddos will love playing with their new cousin when he/she gets here. They had a cute way of telling everyone. They gave Mia new jammies that read "Miss Adorable" (on the front) "Has a cousin in Colorado" (on the back). Very fun. Everyone was very excited. Little Baby D will be here in January but Mel has an ultrasound scheduled to pinpoint an exact due date.

We leave tomorrow for Illionois and Pete's family reunion and tonight get to have dinner with his Uncle Mike and Aunt Carolyn from California. Let the celebration continue! Hope you all had a happy 4th!


gianna said...

We'll see you on Saturday! Hold on to your hats! We are looking forward to a visit even though it will be quick! Mia and Maya gotta show off their little sibs!

The Maines Family Blog said...

Yeah!!! We are soooo excited for you!!!!
Happy 4th!!!