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Monday, July 9, 2007

Asher's Big Weekend

Some of Asher's activities this weekend just seemed to warrant their own attention. He cut his first tooth on Friday afternoon! His little bottom tooth. It wasn't there at breakfast but was happily peeking out by lunch. Then on Sunday he cut his second tooth (also a bottom tooth). I am hoping he will get a little break from the teething pain he has been in the past few days. Sunday's tooth appearance explained the little bruise he left on my shoulder Saturday from teething on it so hard. He's such a happy guy but it's definately been bothering him lately. And as if two teeth weren't enough, he began to crawl too! He was very happily crawling about 5-6 feet at a time last night and his skills are only improving today! He's growing up so fast! It's exciting to watch him and he is so proud of himself. Needless to say he is loving this new found ability to explore and move. So many milestones in one weekend. He was definately a busy guy!

(off to explore Mia's room)


The Maines Family Blog said...

Way to go little buddy! Getting so big!
I love reading your families blog and keeping up with everything going on in your families life!

Amy and Scott said...

Your little guy is growing up so fast! I love all the entries - it sounds like you have been having a blast. Can't wait for all of us to get together again soon.