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Monday, July 9, 2007

Fun family weekend

We started off the weekend Friday with a trip to the beach with Jeff and Mel. It was a great beach day. We got there early so the temerature wasn't too hot. Mel's parents brought their kayaks and they were the first place Mia went. She climbed right in and sat down. Jeff was very sweet and immediately took her out onto the water. She loved the boat ride! As soon as they got back to the beach she hopped out and climbed into the other kayak (had to see if there was a difference you know.) So out they went for another ride. She definately loves the water and she and Jeff had fun together. Asher had a slightly less active day...

it was nap time and bless his heart after a little rolling around he actually fell asleep in the shade.I was amazed. He didn't sleep long though and since we were driving to Illlinois that night we left when he woke up so the kids could get lunch and take good afternoon naps.

Saturday and Sunday
We got together with quite a few of the Wilson clan for the rest of the weekend. Pete's Uncle Dan and Aunt Pat were sweet to host all of us. There are four more babies in the group since the last time we all got together. Lots of kids, lots of family, lots of food. As Pete's brother Dave says ... "Good times." It was great to see everyone, especially cousin Kitty who we haven't seen in a long time. It was great to talk with her and to catch up (at least briefly) with everyone.
Mia got to sleep in her own tent with us in the basement. She loved it! We may just have a camper on our hands too. The weekend consisted of lots of fun activities:



making homemade ice cream in the ice cream ball (with Daddy, Kent and Sophie)

it takes alot of rolling....alot!

We even got to see fireworks Saturday night. It was a great weekend and we loved seeing everyone. Hopefully we can catch up with those that couldn't make it soon.

1 comment:

librariane said...

Woo-hoo! Ice cream probably hit the spot (did you get tired of snowcones?) since it was sooooo hot.

Wish we could have had more time. Especially for those of us that enjoy stamping (we have GOT to plan a weekend for the cousins that enjoy this).