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Monday, July 2, 2007

A Wild Ride

Okay so heart attack today for Mom. Mia decided to let go of the swing tonight while she was swinging. She did a complete somersault in the air and landed face down in the mulch. I thought I was going to have a heart attack right then. Thankfully with the exception of an extremely scratched face she is fine. Her first words were "Mama, I scared." "Me too, baby. Me too." We asked her what she was going to do next time. If she was going to hold on to the swing or not hold on. She looked at us like we were nuts. "I hold on!" (Genius child I'm telling you) By the time I got back outside from getting some things to clean her up and medicine for the scratches she was back on the swing and asking for pushes. Of course I was barely pushing her thinking she might still be a little nervous. Nope! Not our little dare devil. "Push me higher please." You have to love her spirit and willingness to try again. We are hoping things look better in the morning (the pictures were taken when we got inside...have to have proof of an insane stunt like that). She also reminded Asher right afterward to hold onto his swing. Always the big sister looking out for her little brother. Such a sweet heart.


The Maines Family Blog said...

Glad she was ok...scray I am sure! What a sweetie!!!

gianna said...

LOL! Your child is a GENIUS! Absolute genius!

~love said...

i've prayed for mia (& you) many times since matt told me. i know how scary it is and how much you hurt for her too knowing how scared she was. =( but, glad she'll be fine! talk to ya next week when we get back!