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Thursday, August 16, 2007

home again!

hooray! my parents were wonderful hosts and so very sweet to let us invade their home but it's so nice to be back in our own house. the guys did a great job fixing everything for us and taking care of things. we are so grateful to them for everything they've done. there are still some small touches inside and the stone needs to get put back on on the outside but all of that is easily handled and allows us to be back in our own beds. no matter how wonderful the place you are staying is it's always nice to come back to your own home.

we actually stayed an extra night at my parents. they made the very tough decision to put their wonderfully sweet yellow lab down the day we were going to leave. how could they lose the dog and the grandkids in one day?? sam came into the family when i went away to school so he's been there as each of us has "left the nest" and he was just the most gentle dog. mia LOVED him and talked about him almost as much as she talked about Mana and Papa. he was definately not a spring chicken, was blind, fighting diabetes and earlier in the week began to have his legs go out on him when he was standing. it was simply time for him to finally rest. regardless, it's never an easy decision. we were glad we could be there to say good-bye and to be a fun distraction for my parents. we love you sammy!


gianna said...

At least you didn't have to stay in a FEMA trailer. I'm sorry to hear about your parent's dog. We are giving up our bunnies and as much as we need to, the reality is still hard. So I feel for your parents!

librariane said...

Losing any pet is hard--I'm always amazed at how much I miss my birds when they die. I mean, they're parakeets! But they're always there, so you notice when they're gone.