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Friday, August 31, 2007

just in time

we went to the park the other morning. i wasn't planning on taking the camera with us but as we were leaving mia came out of my room, camera in tow. "bring the camera, mama and we'll take pictures." can't really argue with that. :) we had a great time. they love to be outside. there were a few other kids there and mia quickly made friends. she had lots of fun climbing up all the ladders (a feat that still makes me a little nervous on the ones that curve up to the equipment) and going down the big slides. two of the slides were wide enough for both kids to go down together and they both thought that was fun. they had to hold hands and go. it was pretty cute. asher kept signing "more" every time he got to the bottom. we had a good time playing but it was getting pretty humid and sticky so we came home. shortly after we walked in the door it started pouring down rain. our trip to the park was just in time. :) don't ya love it when it works out that way??

1 comment:

Amy and Scott said...

Looks like so much fun! Siblings are great and your two are going to have such a good time together I can tell already. Hope things are going well! Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend :)