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Saturday, August 25, 2007

mom moment

for all the moms out there....do you ever have moments when it hits you that you are now the mom? i have two beautiful children and i know i'm a mom but every once in awhile it still hits me in a new way that wow, i'm the mom. we had a pretty good thunderstorm (again) the other night. mia just recently began having trouble with the thunder and it tends to scare her enough that she won't even get out of bed. she just hides in her covers and whimpers. i went up to her room and she immediately crawled into my lap. "mama, i'm scared. the thunder is loud!" we snuggled for a minute then i laid her back down. she looked up at me and asked me to lay with her and hold her. as i'm laying there with her, listening to her breathing slow down and watching her gently drift back to sleep, all i could think of was when i was little and my mom would come and lay with us during thunderstorms. now, i'm the one comforting a child in the middle of the night in a storm. just one of those moments where you realize on yet another level that you're now the mom not the kid. a cool realization and quite a bit amazing.

1 comment:

~love said...

totally, totally, totally.

absolutely amazing, isn't it?