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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

thanks to my girls!

hooray for girlfriends! had some not fun info the other day and after initially being a bit upset by it realized that God had blessed me with great girlfriends for a reason. an impromptu girls night ensued....and when i say impromptu i mean from phone call to face time about an hour. (i mean that is serious friendship!) of course with that short notice not all the wonderful ladies in my life were able to attend (understandably) but we had a great night. i mean girl friends, drinks, dessert, and a great husband who's willing to watch the kids, what more can you ask for??

went to a great little restuarant where desserts were passed around the table and fun drinks were a must. there's something special about girlfriends that always makes even yucky stuff better. it was an uplifting night of laughter, love, concern for each other and focusing on the future and brighter things. thanks girls!! you know i love ya!
ps. thanks for the picture, love!