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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the big weekend

spent most of the weekend with the families. start saturday with some quick errands and leaving the house so repairs could be completed. then immediately off to friend's surprise graduation party from her doctorate program. surprise is success. lose track of time and miss naps more then intended. mia loved the inflatable jumping thing (are they called moonwalks anymore?) did not want to leave. came home and crashed. end of day one.

day two. off to my parents. my grandparents were in town and it's so nice for the kids to get to spend time with them. not sure who has more fun honestly. great grandma teaches mia the fundamentals of sewing. smile at the awestruck student who couldn't wait to get her hands on the project (which actually happened to be hand sewing a line of yarn on a scrap piece of paper). enlist my grandmother's help in hand cutting part of friend's baby shower invitations. love how much grandma loves helping me and relax and enjoy the time together. in the evening off to my aunt's parents' house (if you can follow all of that, her side of the family, no relation to us but close nonetheless). lots of people, lots of conversations, lots of chaos but good to see far off family. leave without dinner (remember chaos) so kids can get to bed on time. end of day two.

day three. start off with church. this entails shower with both children and then instructions to two year old to go ahead upstairs and start getting dressed. workmen are here finishing job from yesterday. naked two year old runs off excited to pick out her clothes. follow behind her a few minutes later to find her, not in her room, but standing naked, in the upstairs window with the poor workmen on the other side of the window trying to work. listen to her happily exclaim that "the boys are fixing my house." shake head and hurry two year old to her room to clothe her. go to church. be completely blessed that both kids go happily to nursery (this is normal but all bets are off when alone) and by amazing worship music and presence of God. off to pete's parents. have good time chatting and cooking over the bonfire. gotta love hot dogs (well, i don't actually....vegetarian and all) and s'mores. try to monitor how much sugar the two year old ingests. fail and realize she has already consumed numerous marshmallows but breath sigh of relief when she willingly switches to graham crackers. *whew* get cute new jewelry from sister-in-law's former business that she's selling 1/2 off. love that asher is mostly happy with grandma during dinner so i can assist mia and that he's totally happy with grandpa for a good long while after dinner...until he sees me. have great time and leave in time for kids to get to bed on time with only minor complaints from two year old once we're home. end of day three.

be grateful for busy days and family as distraction from the fact that daddy's not home. be just as grateful that the next day brings no plans. :)

1 comment:

The Maines Family Blog said...

wow...you are busy even though Pete is in New Zealand!! thank goodness for family and friends close....i know!!!!
can't wait to see some more pics of those kiddos they are adorable!
try get some rest friend and peaceful time to yourself! seems like when tim is out of town i am always up later trying to get stuff done!
hopefully he will be home soon!