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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

her own card

no plans today! acutally a wonderful thing. eased into our morning and stayed in our jammies for quite a while. after lunch we headed to the library. i've been telling mia we were going to go get books on new zealand so we could look at pictures of where daddy was. she tells people when they ask where pete is "new zealand" and they all look at me to see if she's right. i'm not sure what's stranger to them, that she knows at age 2 that new zealand exists or that pete is actually there. :) anyways, she loved getting her own card, signing the back and checking out the books. she had to carry her card out of the library all on her own and then she wanted to put it in my purse because her purse was at home (and all "cards" go in purses). i got some cute pictures but as mentioned previously the camera doesn't work with the computer. (i'm going to try to work on that)

it was a relaxing day. mia recently discovered winnie-the-pooh and so we spent some lazy time with a movie too. she actually got started with pooh by reading some books her grandparents got her that are like mini science lessons (where does the sun go at night? how do things grow? etc.) when i told her we had a pooh movie she thought that would be great. is it interesting to anyone else that the books came first?

asher had a big day however and climbed the entire flight of stairs by himself. this is a first. he's done one or two steps but never attempted the whole thing (we have alot of stairs). also on a cute note, when i went in to check on him last night he was talking in his sleep. :) at first i thought he was up but when i peeked in his crib he was all curled up with his blanket just babbling in his sleep. it was adorable!!

1 comment:

librariane said...

wooo! yea for books and personal library cards! ;)

I love seeing the excitement in little kids when they're allowed to get their own card. And that Mia has a purse to keep it in is darling (she'll always be a purse girl, I think).