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Sunday, September 16, 2007

he's home!!

hooray! pete's home. actually i've been really bad about posting and he's been home since monday. we've been enjoying our family time and just spending every moment together doing whatever we want. =)

his trip was great. the first thing he said when talked on the phone was that he loved it and that we should move there. (oh my!) the people were wonderful. so friendly and laid back. the food was wonderful. i guess they don't have an organic section since everything there is organic. (how nice is that??) the country is beautiful (as you can see from a few of his pictures that are here). the trip was successful from a business perspective too. should probably mention that since technically that's the reason he went.

he stayed with the grandparents of a friend of ours. they were so sweet to host him and his business partner. both the guys feel in love with the family and felt so welcome and at home. what more can you ask for? pete got to drive on the "wrong" side of the road and saw some amazing views almost everywhere he went. he is definately a fan of the country and can't wait to go back...with me of course. =)

pete and the boys with "grandma" and the girls

he brought home lots of goodies. mostly food. =) lots of chocolate...let me know if you want any, it's great! delicious honey, jam and other sweets. he also brought the kids raro (new zealand kool-aid) which is really good and some l&p (which is their version of sprite) also quite tasty. i thought all of it was pretty fun. he brought me a new addiction as well. he went into a kids clothing store called pumpkin patch. oh my! adorable stuff. i just found their website and am trying to decide if any of it really fits into the budget (it doesn't really). it way cute stuff though. of course maybe i just like it because it comes from over there. =) he also brought me a beautiful little trip treat of my own in the form of silver jewelry. isn't he great?? we're so glad to have him home!


The Maines Family Blog said...

Glad to hear Pete made it home and had a wonderful trip! Sounds like he spoiled you all with many treats! Gotta check out the kids clothing website...isn't it amazing what we spend on our kids!

gianna said...

Why was Pete in New Zealand? It sounds super cool, and how long have you been planning on this?

~love said...


i stole your pics from their trip! and i put up a couple of the shedd. i'll get you copies when i print them. =)

pete & natalie said...

steal as many of the pics as you want love!

they'd been planning the trip for a few months. they went on business (or that's the official reason) ... and just to enjoy the country. i can't wait to go but not really sure when that's going to happen. =)