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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

new zealand?

yes, new zealand. pete is off on a wonderful adventure to new zealand for way too many days. we're already on day five and so far we're doin' good. how do you survive you ask when you have two kids two and under by yourself 24/7?? here's how:

spend first day husband leaves quickly loading kids into car to bring him things he forgot, then running errands for you and him of things that didn't have a chance to get done before he left. be grateful for the mini-van!!

enjoy weekend with busy schedule and lots of family (see future posts). be grateful that both sets of grandparents live in the area and are wonderful!! enjoy spending time with the kids great grandparents too and realize that no matter how wonderful family is they will never replace you in the eyes of your 10 month old ... no matter how many times you try to let someone else hold him so you can go to the bathroom alone :)

love that your husband, despite leaving, is still as romantic as the day you met him. receive flowers the day he leaves and an edible bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries and banana pieces today.

also enjoy that the florist goofed so a new bouquet is coming tomorrow courtesy of them.

find out that the camera you borrowed from your parents (since husband has yours in far off foreign country) is not compatible with your computer. no way to add cute pictures to updates this week.

take daughter to library to get books on place where daddy is. get her her own library card (thanks to my friend for the idea of bringing the camera along...mia loved how extra special that made it!) love that she tells younger brother he has to wait until he is two to get his card. realize you have likely started a tradition.

realize countless times a day how richly God has blessed us (especially when family and friends just call to "check-in" on us and see if we need anything).

miss husband terribly especially at night when the house is quiet and the kids are tucked into bed sleeping.

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