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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And he's off!

yep, he's walking! actually i'm a little late. he took his first timid steps a little over a week ago (just those first 1-2 steps that are kind of more falling into you with style than walking). now, he's giong a few feet at a time and building his confindence. it's fun to watch the differences. mia just took off. she went straight from cruising along furniture to walking almost across the room. asher's going to ease his way into this transition. =) he loves to practice and his smile just lights up the room. he wants to walk everywhere with a hand held. still more crawling than walking at this point but there's more walking everyday. maybe by his birthday. he's also now taught himself to go down the stairs (still not well but we're working on it). i'm breathing a little easier but still feel the need to be close. i can't believe how fast he's growing up. i was helding my friend kerri's little guy today. he's 5 1/2 weeks and it just amazes me to think how far asher's come since then. i still think of him as my baby (and he still is really) but he's just so far away from the newborn stage already. we're so lucky to have him (and his sister, of course!). i love to watch him learn new things everyday and explore more things. to learn new sounds and new experiences. it's amazing. i'm so very blessed. i love you doodle bug and i'm so proud of you!


The Maines Family Blog said...

Way to go little guy!!! You are looking older all the sudden in this post! It is amazing how they just change right in front of our faces daily! True little miracles!!! I love every second!
PS Kerri had her baby? A boy? Yeah!!!

~love said...

yay! go asher! =) ellie took one step last week....and doesn't know that she wants to do that again! =)

Amy and Scott said...

Wow - Asher! You are lookin' good. It was fun to catch up on all the exciting things your family has been doing. Can't wait to see pictures of you and your sister in Halloween costumes. Have fun trick or treating!