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Monday, October 1, 2007

bad about blogging...

oops. okay so i have not been that great about getting things posted on here. sorry. we've had a busy couple of weeks since our last update. there are a few sad notes as two very neat ladies we knew went to be with the Lord. we were glad to be there for our grieving friends and family. it's an odd thing when you know someone is now in heaven. you're sad for yourself and for those that are still here on earth but it's so amazing to think about where those people are now and how much better it is for them. it's an odd mix of sorrow and joy all rolled together.

okay so what have we been doing....i have no idea =) i'll just start writing and we'll see where this takes us. we've been going to the state park alot lately and walking along the beach or taking one of the hiking trails. the kids love it and it's nice to be outside...especially this time of year. mia has become infatuated with acorns and no matter how well i think i've gone through her pockets i still always seem to find one or two in the washer. (nice and clean but how clean does an acorn really need to be?) asher tends to prefer riding on pete's shoulders and trying to touch all the leaves as we go by. we're so glad our kids like to be outside.

us at the park

then there's our trip to the pumpkin patch. i love this! fall is my favorite time of year and i love to decorate the house with pumpkins and gourds and all the fun fall colors. i have no idea what it is about pumpkins but i just think they're fun. we bought some mums too to replace our poor sad looking impatiens in the front. poor things....not too sure i have a very green thumb. mia loved picking out pumpkins and adding them to our every growing pile in the wheelbarrow. oh my. she would pick each one up and remark about how heavy it was and then either drop it over the side of the wheelbarrow or hand it to one of us. asher just loved the fact that he was outside. didn't matter what we were doing.

mia looking for just the right pumpkin

asher's found the one he wants!
pete's been busy at work though he has new hours now. he's only working from 8-4 (not 7-5). it's so nice to have him home an hour earlier. it's amazing how much easier it is to make dinner when daddy's entertaining the troups. =) i've been busy making invitations for baby showers. something must have been in the water a little while ago because there seems to be another baby boom around us. it's been fun to have a stamping project again. mia's learning something new every day. she's learned to spread cheese on her crackers all by herself (needless to say we eat nothing but cheese and crackers right now) and is working on buttons. some days she's got it and some days it's a little trickier. we continue to go to baby talk (early literacy program that the kids LOVE) and mia is now enrolled in the toddler program at the library (which asher gets to tag along to). asher is standing by himself and constantly going up the stairs. he loves to wave to everyone and smiles all the time. it's hard to believe he's almost a year old! i think that's pretty much the picture of our lives at the moment...though i'm sure i'll post this and something else will come to mind. =) talk to you all soon!


The Maines Family Blog said...

Sound like you have been busy enjoying family time and exploring!
Isn't amazing how fast time goes by?!!!
Continue to enjoy this beautiful time of the year!!! I love it too!!!!

librariane said...

Yea! Library time! Get some pictures, if you're able to, and give a duplicate or two to the librarian. :)