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Sunday, October 28, 2007

my new "job"

i like to make cards. i like to stamp. my best friend got me started when we made my wedding invitations and it's been a slowly growing hobby/addiction every since. in the last few years i have gotten most of my "fixes" from a company called stampin' up. great product, good price, i don't have to take the kids anywhere cuz it comes to my door. so my "supplier" has been telling me for awhile now that i need to become a "supplier" myself (they're actually called demonstrators but supplier seemed to fit more with the addiction theme). i've been toying with the idea and finally decided to do it a little while ago. i had my first little workshop about a week or so ago and it went well. i mean people learned something, i didn't sound totally crazy and everyone had a good time. this constitutes extreme success to me. i just want a way to pay for my "habit" and continue to suck my friends into my crafting world. it's always more fun to do things with other people. so that's the short version of my latest adventure. i'm sure there's more to say but i'm not feeling very wordy or clever today so we'll just stick to the facts and leave it at that. maybe if i fell clever i'll post a card later....maybe. =)

1 comment:

librariane said...

Wooo! I've been tempted to do this myself, but haven't decided yet. Keep us posted.