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Sunday, October 28, 2007

other fall activities

so it's actually been awhile since this happened but we went with pete's family to a corn maze in the area. they had a train ride for the kids, hay rides, and a corn box. now here's a new concept to me. it's a sand box that's made of corn instead of sand. an interesting concept and one the kids loved! i mean who thinks of filling a giant box with corn and letting children jump and play in it? one of those crazy ideas that is crazy enough to work. my nephew actually would not leave the thing to go into the corn maze. hilarious! the rest of us ventured into the maze for all of about 15 minutes. long enough for us to get a picture and for mia to decide she was done. what'd ya do? so back to the corn box we went...for the rest of our afternoon. they loved having grandma fill up the buckets and "shower" them. this was only slightly more fun then belly flopping into the box. it was hilarious and they loved every minute of it. asher was loving it until he tried to stand up in it and couldn't get solid enough footings to actually get to his feet. (the mom in me was a bit worried about corn going straight to his mouth...he had no interest in that though...whew!) needless to say we found corn for days hiding in pockets, shoes, socks (which of course also meant the washer later) and the van.

a corn shower for liam .... and one for mia

fun for asher


The Maines Family Blog said...

yes crazy but what a fun and great idea...corn boxes! love it! fall has so many fun adventures!

librariane said...

Cool--I'd like to try that myself... ;)

We went to a pumpkin festival (it was a little lame) that had a leaf hunt box that I thought was a neat idea. Especially for kids who don't get to play in piles of leaves. It was like a giant sandbox filled with leaves.