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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

crazy life

life has been ... well ... just life i guess. i haven't really been in the mood to sit down and figure out what to say lately so i just haven't done it. lame excuse for not updating anything for a while i know but it's the truth and that's all i got.

it's been getting colder but of course even that changes daily. it's time for warmer coats, sweaters, jeans and the occasional hat and scarf. we've loved looking at all the changing leaves and the colors. mia usually has to pick a leaf or two to bring with her in the van. she's fascinated with all the different colors and sizes and shapes. i'm sure there's a major science lesson in all of that but it's more fun to just enjoy the leaves and play outside. we've been trying to go to the park while we still can (at least on the days that the weather cooperates with us). it's also time to finish up those last few outside projects before it gets too cold. here's the pictures of our little helpers the last time we were out working in the yard.

as you can tell "baby" is mia's love right now. she's a doting mother and loves to rock and sing to baby. we are often told we need to be quiet because baby is sleeping (which means she has put baby to bed in the cradle in asher's room, turned on his lullaby CD, and closed his door.) we've had lots of birthdays lately and fun at parties. we're getting ready for jeff and mel's baby shower this comng weekend. playing, playing, playing. asher's learning new words everyday. the best one for me is his "hi." he doesn't say the "i" so it's just an h sound that he has the most hilarious little face for. he's walking everywhere now and it's usually his mobility of choice. we've been talking about thanksgiving and what it all means. it will be so nice to have the family all together and to see some people that we haven't seen in awhile (and of course those that we see often too). it's hard for me to believe that thanksgiving is already here. this year is just flying by. i think that perhaps it does that when your kids are little. you simply blink your eyes and another month or milestone has gone by. we take a ton of pictures, i'm with the kids everyday and yet still it's hard not to feel like you miss it. like it all just flies right past you while you were grocery shopping or running errands or doing laundry. it amazes me how much mia knows and the things she can do now. but i'm most amazed at her insight. she can read people so well and simply knows when to offer hugs and "i love you"s and cuddles. asher is changing all the time and adding daily to the things he's mastering but again the thing i love is that he wants to cuddle with everyone. he loves to hug mia and love all over her. (now i will be honest, he's a big kid and this cuddling can be overwhelming if you're a small kiddo or not used to it cuz he'll love you right off your feet...just ask his little friend adi. she got some love you off your feet hugs today while we were playing). anyways, i'm rambling, the kids are napping and i prolly better get some things done around the house. talk to you all later!


librariane said...

Ooo! If you can record Asher's "hi", and post the sound bit on your blog, I would love to hear it!

pete & natalie said...

i'll see what i can do. we have some people coming tomorrow and they might be able to help me get it. it's hilarious!

The Maines Family Blog said...

the kids are soo cute...pic of mia reminds me of bella with her babies! it is amazing how quickly the days go by and they change isn't it! i hear it doesn't get any slower!
happy thanksgiving!