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Sunday, November 4, 2007

happy birthday doodle bug!

i can not believe my little man is a year old already. asher, you have grown so much. it's amazing to watch you explore the world everyday and learn something new with each moment. you are walking and talking now and new words and further steps are coming each day. you light up a room with your smile and your giggle is so contagious. watching you with your sister is pure joy. you love her so much. you can't wait to see her and you love to hug her and hold on to her. like a true little brother you want to do whatever she's doing. following her around all day can make you tired and then you are still my little snuggler. i love when you cuddle in and lay your head on my shoulder. your little body just seems to relax knowing that i'm here. i have to enjoy my cuddles when i get them though because you are definately an adventurous one...and you have the bumps and bruises to prove it! always off in search of the next thing to learn, the next thing to figure out. you love to read and let us know you're feelings at night when it's time to stop reading and put the books away. you fill my heart with a special joy all your own. i am so proud and lucky to be your mom. i love you little doodle bug. happy birthday!

1 comment:

~love said...

happiest birthday, asher!! lovin' the hat! =)