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Sunday, November 4, 2007

happy halloween

hope you all had a happy halloween. little late in getting this up but well, better late then never. here's our little bo peep and her sheep. it was actually cool enough outside that asher left his hat on most of the time. i think he's becoming a hat guy which is soooo cute! (more pics on that later).
we were then joined by cousin liam as sir topham hat from thomas. he was very snazzy in his little suit and top hat. adorable!
the kids had a great time going around trick or treating and just being together. it was fun to see their faces light up as they got to show off their costumes. mia was so polite and a bit timid. at each house it was "trick-or-treat please." followed by a "thank you." she looked at me about halfway through our evening, "mom, i'm good at trick-or-treating. i say please. i say thank you. i get candy." how can you argue with that? hope you all had a fun time!


The Maines Family Blog said...

What cuties!!!

~love said...

these are great pics, nat! =)

gianna said...

okay, I think you have taken the most beautiful pictures? Were they taken at Mark and Sue's? Your kids are so picture perfect and Sir Topham Hat is awesome!