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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


so i'm late in getting this up here but the sentiment is still the same. how amazingly blessed we all are is relvealed to us everyday. i know there are some days when the kids are crying, pete is late, dinner is falling apart on the stove, i'm tired and the phone is ringing all at the same time that feeling thankful may not be the exact thought on my mind but i am. everyday is a new blessing, a new miracle, a new chance to watch the wonder as my children experience something for the first time. to realize that we are truly blessed just to be together. this is why i love thanksgiving. the one time the entire country stops, slows down, and remembers that we all have so many amazing things to be thankful for. how can you not love a holiday that celebrates the things we already have. a holiday that is there to remind us all of the truly important things in life. those things that sometimes go unnoticed but that we are so grateful for and couldn't stand to be without. our little family is so blessed. and if there is ever a day i might lose sight of that (even momentarily) i have two amazing kids who remind me of the importan stuff everyday: love your family, love God without abandon, share, take turns, find comfort in your family (and occasional a stuffed bunny or blue blanket), enjoy every moment, feeling better (especially if this includes a band-aid) is key and hugs and kisses make the world go 'round.

so what did we actually do? well, pete played in the annual turkey bowl - a touch football game his dad started about 30 years ago that guys from all over the city play in thanksgiving morning while the wives are cooking and football's not on yet. poor pete, he has some pretty sore toes as a result of the cold and an ill fitting pair of cleats. (sad thing is mia predicted this for him. when we talked about daddy playing her immediate response was "Daddy play football. He hurt his knee." thankfully it was not his knee. we think this is from when pete played softball this summer and would come home after sliding with scrapped up knees.) then after naps it was off to the wilson household for the big dinner. it was nice to be with family and enjoy each other's company. the kids had fun playing with each other and chasing grandma around the house. a game that never gets old. =)

we celebrated with my family and the kids great grandparents on saturday at my parents house. it was great to have so many people there that we don't get to see very often. we had my sister-in-law melanie's baby shower earlier in the day so it worked out perfectly. it was a very nice shower and a nice time at my parents. it's so great for the kids to get to see their great grandparents as often as they do. we try (not that word) to see grammie (my mom's mom) about once a month. we're not as good at this as we used to be but we're looking to get back into the swing of it here. they get to see my dad's parents a few times a year. mia has a complete love affair going with both of her great grandmas and believe me the feeling in mutual. it's so amazing to watch them together. count this as a definate blessing to have these relationships. it was also the last time we'll see jeff and mel as just a couple. their little one is due in january so flying for christmas would be pushing it. the next time we see them they'll have a new baby! so excited for them.

(not everyone is in the picture but most of us before the final few left on sunday)
we hope all of you had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends and little reminders everywhere of all the blessings in your life.

1 comment:

Amy and Scott said...

What a nice entry! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed your family picture - say hi to your parents for me!
Also, loved the christms tree farm pictures. I can't believe how big Mia and Asher are getting. Hopefully we will be able to come visit soon! Have a great Christmas!