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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

tree tradition

it's always been a tradition. since pete and i first started dating we have always gone with his family to cut down our tree. it's usually the weekend after thanksgiving so on friday before heading out to start our round of visits we put away all the fall things and pulled out all the christmas things. this is the first year that mia started to get into the decorating. after several broken ornaments she began to wonder whether this was really a good idea. once we got her out of the ornament box and into a few things that wouldn't shatter upon impact she decide it was okay. she loved decorating the banister and finding places for things. after rearranging the living room for the real tree it was down to the basement for the second tree. this is the tree where all the handmade, baby handprint, treasured memory ornaments were to go. you know the ones that evoke a memory the minute you open them. decorating was reserved for family time later in the weekend where we could enjoy ourselves and not rush.
saturday we all bundled up - it was really cold! - and headed out to a new place. it was fabulous! they had reindeer for the kids to look at, santa and mrs. claus were there for pictures, there were huge wooden trains and tractors to play on, and they took you out to the trees in a horse drawn wagon. we had a great time! asher is very into horses right now and he loved seeing them up close. mia walked right up to santa, hoped up on his lap and had a nice little chat. this is a switch since our picture with him last year is literally her sitting there crying. we found a great tree and so did pete's family. we had a good time walking among the trees and just being together.

with the christmas music playing and the house nice and warm, we decorated both trees on sunday. my family helped us with our upstairs tree and then we did the sentimental tree downstairs just with the kids. mia loved finding her first christmas ornament with her picture and then finding ashers. each of them have a bird that grammie gave them to put in the tree (a symbol of good luck) and the birds were a big hit as well. there are already things that you just know will be looked for every year. let the christmas season begin!


KreativeMix said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww. such cute pictures!!!

librariane said...

Yea for Christmas tree farms! Several families around here have the same tradition, and it's so neat to see the kids get in on it.

~love said...

i'm cracking up at how similar our posts are...and especially the picture. check out matt/pete's hats & my/your coats. =)

~love said...

oh, i just went back to mine & realized it was in black & white...but, you get the idea. it looks even more so in color. =)

The Maines Family Blog said...

what wonderful traditions to start off the season!!!
i love the pic of your family...won't it be fun to watch as the kiddos and how your family grows each year!!!

gianna said...

Families are fun and creating traditions are fun, too!