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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

christmas celebrations

we had a really nice christmas. as i mentioned a little in the previous post we spent christmas eve with pete's family. poor uncle jimmy had to work until 6 that night so the rest of the family was very sweet and came to our house. that way when asher needed to crash he could do so in his own bed. we had a great time. there two hilarious highlights. 1. when mia opened her dress up clothes from grandma and grandpa. besides the fancy dress, jewelry and crown were a pair of sparkle purple high heel dress-up shoes. she instantly had to put those on and try to walk. it was hilarious! she did finally get the hang of it (and if i can get the hang of posting video i'll try to put a little of it on here later.) of course her cousin liam had to have his turn in the too. and he leads us to our second highlight....the snowglobe. i got a penguin snowglobe and once liam saw it the rest of his evening was a moot point. he sat in my lap and either shook it or wanted me to shake it for the rest of the evening. he laid it on the ground and studied it from all angles. you could see him trying to figure out how to make it work.

mia with uncle dave

asher gets a new bears scarf from auntie K (just like daddy's)

christmas morning we spent as a family at our house. it was great to spend some time just our little family. we opened gifts from santa, then had breakfast and opened gifts from each other. mia got a kids camera and she was loving it. still trying to figure it all out but takes it everywhere with her. asher was not so into gifts. he was happy to just sit and cuddle with mama or dada. mia did most of his unwrapping. =)

then it was off to my parents house for lunch and a third round of gifts. i think it was honestly the longest it has ever taken us to open gifts. we opened for a while then took a break for lunch. then we went to open a few more but the kids needed naps so we continued the pause until after nap time. then with snacks in tow we sat down to finish our unwrapping. the first thing mia opened was a vacuum from uncle eric. her day was over. we tried to get her to come back to open more and were told she was busy vacuuming. she would begrudgingly put the vacuum down every once in awhile to indulge us and open something else but would invariably return to her beloved vacuum. it was hilarious! asher's favorite things was probably his car set with a twisting ramp and elevator. he had lots of fun sending cars (and anything else he could think of) down the ramp.

then saturday we headed to grammie's house (my mom's mom). we had christmas with her family. again we were so spoiled by everyone. asher was too tired by the time we got to gifts so this was how he and pete spent the gift opening session....

mia simply spent most of her time with grammie. the two of them have the most unique little bond. since day 1 she has been in love with her grammie (and the feeling is mutual). there has never been hesitation or shyness. mia simply walks into and around grammmie's house like she owns the place...and grammie happily lets her. =)

mia with grammie and her new singing puppy from grammie

it was a wonderful christmas and we hope you all had a blessed time celebrating the birth of Christ. merry christmas!

1 comment:

librariane said...

Wow, all those activities make me tired! But it sounds like it was all a fabulous time, and I'm glad to hear about the ways you made Jesus a focus in all your doings.