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Monday, January 14, 2008

dancing diva

so here's our little ballerina before her first dance class last week. she got all her dance stuff for christmas and was so excited to go to class. she loves her little skirt and is still working on the concept that her dance shoes are only for class. =) she gets to do 1/2 hour of tap and then 1/2 hour of ballet. it's so cute to watch 2-3 year olds following their teacher and trying to learn the steps. adorable! she heads to her next class tomorrow. hooray, hooray!


gianna said...

I have thought more than once that I want to get Maya in dance! She dances to everything and loves to play ballerina.
However, she is very excited to be in Awana next year and I refuse to put her into too many activities. So I have decided that next year we will do Awana. Mia is darling!
Oh, and I wanted to tell you that Maya has 2 mcDonald's dolls that are the exact same. So we call them twins and their names are Maya and Mia! :)

The Maines Family Blog said...

What a sweet little ballerina!!! I am sure she will be dancing all over the house!