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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

our first trip

okay so i would love to tell you that this was our first trip to somewhere really cool and exciting. somewhere we'd all been waiting to go and i would love to tell you that it was great. nope, not this time. this time it was our first trip to the emergency room. i'm a bit late in posting this (a little bit of stress and a few colds and well, here we are) but asher fell on a pot in the kitchen. no, i'm not making this up. he was carrying the small saucepan around the kitchen. something he has done hundreds of times. he loves to play with the pots, loves the noise. he needed a diaper change and as i went to pick him up he decided to try to run. not a great idea with a pot in your hand. over he went, onto the pot which was on his pinky finger and off to the e.r. he and daddy went. (i was told to stay home since i was already crying and pete figured if they had to stitch him up i would really lose it...not sure if that's true but there was a definate possibility - i hate getting their shots!!!) so they had to swaddle him and then stick him in a papoose thing to strap him to the table. our little strong man broke out of his papoose while they were stitching him and they had to hold him down. yeesh! so two stitches later he climbs into pete's arms, immediately stops crying and when pete asks him if he's okay goes "yea!" that's our little man. all is healed and well now but i can say this was not the funnest of experiences and quite the mommy guilt (i should have caught him, i should have taken the pot, i should have...). what i have learned though is that no matter how much we watch and are in the room we can not protect them from everthing. i mean who would have thought a pot could result in a cut worthy of two stitches. guess he'll just have a good story to tell when he gets older, and i'm sure he'll be quite proud of the fact that he broke free of the straps and impressed the hospital staff with his strength. in the meantime i'm still a bit leary of the playing in the pots and pans cabinet. =)

the wounded pinky


gianna said...

brin can fall off the couch, onto her face , cry, and get up to do it all over again IMMEDIATELY! What is it with our kids? I'm glad your little man is doing okay! And that it wasn't any worse!

~love said...

lol at both of our injury posts right now!

i think you are right, these 2 are really going to keep us on our toes! playing kissy-face to make each other happy and now with the injuries...

glad he's better...and i will always be impressed by his ability to get out of that papoose! =)

The Maines Family Blog said...

ohh poor little asher!!! what a tough little man though! i hate it when they get hurt and they are right there in front of you and your can't stop it!
bella had something fall on her head and it would of caused major head damage and I cried harder than she did...tim told me over and over she was ok!
you think our emotions are a little high right now????
Kisses to the little man pinky!