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Monday, January 7, 2008

photo shoot

we had a photography student we know come in to take pictures of the kids between thanksgiving and christmas. kind of for asher's one year pictures and kind of just for us. we have always been happy with our portrait studio pictures. though they capture a hint of the joy, personality and life of our little ones they don't capture all of it. we wanted something a little more artistic and a little more "them". we were amazed at the pictures that we got back. they are phenomenal and she even put them in a slideshow to music for us. alicia was wonderful with the kids and the pictures are just as wonderful. i can't put them all on here but here are a few of our favorites.....


The Maines Family Blog said...

ohhh my goodness...BEAUTIFUL picutes of your two little ones!
can't wait to see them in person in 2 weeks!

gianna said...

simply put! Gorgeous!
Oh, and we found Elephant. An updated post will be added in a couple of days!

Katherine said...

Wow-what beautiful pictures! The candid photos are absolutely the best kind to have! They capture yours kids as they really are.

librariane said...

love, love, LOVE the princess one! Christopher and Gianna will back me up on this--sometimes having someone you know take the photos makes them turn out better as well. Then everyone is relaxed and able to be themselves (which happened at my wedding, too).

gianna said...

I back Ruhama up! Then if they are grinning it's because they love Jim not because they are supposed to have a smile!