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Monday, February 11, 2008

our week in review

sorry, it's been a crazy week and i just haven't had time to sit and update on here. so here's what's been going on with us....

the sickness
mia got sick on sunday. she was fine saturday but woke up sunday morning with a fever and not feeling good. we cancelled our super bowl party and just laid low. her fever did not get any better and on monday she got a rash all over her body. we didn't think too much about the rash as it looked similar to the one she gets when she's exposed to a new soap, detergent, etc. and sunday night after she got sick she got a bubble bath with new bubbles. well it didn't get any better and didn't get any better so off to the doctor we went. she was a great patient and told the doctor at the end of his exam that she wanted pink medicine (we think this may be because asher had pink medicine when he injured his finger, see here). they did a throat swab and at that point she lost it. it hurt and she wanted to go home. well, turns out she had a bad case of strep throat and scarlet fever (hence, the whole body rash and fever)! poor peanut. she got her pink medicine though and after just a few doses she was back to her old self. she's doing great now...hooray!!

3 for 3
well, after much discussion and prayer pete and i decided that since we moved each of our last pregnancies we should make it 3 for 3. =) just kidding....at least about the reason. we are moving and listed the house this week. pete is very interested in pursuing full time ministry and with a job change coming we figured it was better to be proactive with the mortgage. (he has been helping the owner of the building company he works for shut down the business and will likely be done in the near future). we signed the relator stuff on monday and had our first showing on thursday. we'll see what happens. it sounds promising but until we get an offer you just never know. needless to say we have been cleaning up and cleaning out alot lately. we are praying things move quickly as trying to keep a clean house with two little ones is a bit challenging. =) we also found the house we're going to move into and have been working on getting all of that started. pete's brother wants to sell his house and since he has the same living spaces (less a few bathrooms and a formal dining room) on a smaller scale we are looking at buying his house from him. i know...crazy week!

to end our week we attended a church conference this weekend and hosted six great college students (well, 5 students and one recent grad). of course mia and asher naturally assumed that they were here to play with them (what conference?) and made immediate friends. i'm not sure who enjoyed whose company more because they all seemed to thrive off the mutual attention. all of our guests were great and so full of life and fun. we were so glad they were able to come for the conference and happy to have them stay with us. we were truly blessed to get to know each of them and will be waiting to see where God takes each of them. mia referred to them all weekend as her friends and was not always excited when they went to church without her. =) God bless all 6 of you!

here's our kids with 5 out of 6 of the big kids (the missing mister was still sleeping)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

she's here

this is our new niece!! isn't she adorable and don't you love the bow?? you gotta love the bow!! here's all her info:
Victoria (Tori) Jade
6 lbs 13 oz.
19 1/2 inches
born February 1st
i had to wait a little while to post this cuz i had to put a picture of the cutie up too. what fun is just the words! we're so excited for jeff and mel and are happy to know that everyone is home, happy and healthy....and hopefully getting at least a little sleep. =)