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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

manly men

so my friend kerri came over with her two little ones yesterday. the girls happily ran off to play and the boys hung out with the moms. robbie is 6 months old now and asher could not get enought of him. everytime we turned around he was hugging robbie. he is such a love bug but still has to be reminded to let people go sometimes (not everyone on the planet wants a never ending hug). kerri set robbie down in mia's baby stroller and asher immediately started pushing him around the house. we figure this picture will come back to haunt one or both of them at some point but it was too cute not to take.

let's go fly a kite...

so it actually got nice weather-wise around here. okay so nice may be stretching it but at least it warmed up enough that we could go outside to play for a few days. of course immediately after that it snowed again but at least we got a few days. =)

while we were out playing mia decided she wanted to draw with her chalk. one of her favorite things to do. so off to the garage i went. silly me. the garage is a crazy mess of stuff right now and after more minutes then i would like to admit to i gave up on finding the chalk. what i did find was her kite from last easter. so off to the backyard with high hopes i went. would the kite replace her precious chalk? yes!! hooray! she had an absolute blast playing with it. it's very light weight and has a little handle for her to hold so she was totally able to do it all by herself. she even decided that her dad and i should get turns and happily ran to go throw it into the air for us whenever it happened to take a header into the yard. we played out there until her little nose was totally frozen and even then she didn't want to come in for dinner. =) we have found a new fun thing to do outside. it was windy out today so her first statement involved the possibility of flying her kite. unfortunately the wind is good but the temperature is not. we'll have to wait for another day to try again.

so as i posted this post the first time i went to check on some friends blogs. hilarious but i found that my girlfriend's 3 year old has also been flying kites. great minds think alike!! glad you had fun too julia!