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Sunday, May 25, 2008


yep, mia's 3rd birthday party that she so eagerly planned and talked about for weeks had to be postponed. as the family was pulling into the driveway to help her celebrate her tummy decided that it did not want to cooperate. as we got out of the shower (and yes, there's a reason that's a collective we ... she was not the only one needing to get cleaned up) she saw everyone leaving, and started to cry. bless their hearts the family came back and watched her open her presents ... from across the room. =) thankfully, none of them came down with anything.

we thought perhaps it was a one time thing, just something that didn't sit well. i mean look at her in the picture. she looks like she feels fine, elmo cupcakes are great and it was a fluke thing. at 3:30 that morning as i was throwing the last set of sheets we owned into the washer i came to the conclusion it was not something she ate. poor girl. i honestly did not know a toddler stomach could hold (or should i say loose) that much. of course by the time she finally fell asleep for a few hours asher was up for the morning. i mean are you serious??? oh my!

needless to say the elmo party for her friends had to quickly get canceled and rescheduled. my husband being the genious that he is wisely suggested waiting until after the holiday weekend. though i was thinking that was a bit far off when asher came down with the same thing i was glad i listened to him! yep, no sooner did mia get better then asher got his turn. there is truly something heart wrenching when your oldest child has been so sick that she can handle it practically by herself and something equally wrenching when you have to spend most of your day sitting in the shower with your youngest because poor kiddo has no idea when it's going to hit him. he was experienced enough by the end however that when we would ask him if he was going to get sick he would make a funny little noise and then say "yucky!".

where is this chapter in the parenting manual?? of course some genious article in a parenting magazine suggests you not let a sick child get to close to you or you'll catch whatever it is and then really be in a fix cuz you're sick too. i suppose i can see some of the logic behind this but are you serious? who writes this?? do they even have children? how in the world can you not hold and cuddle your child regardless? i truly think that God designed mothers with a special little immunity thing because despite having a sick child snuggled up on me for over a week i am happy to say that i escaped unharmed, tired but unharmed. what a mess. so forgive me the crazy post but this has been our life since i dared to sit in front of the computer last. =)


The Maines Family Blog said...

poor thing i hate to hear that you have all been sick and glad to hear they are better! it is the worst when the kiddos are sick you just wish you could take it away!
hope mia has a great friends party! i love the elmo cupcakes! SOOOO CUTE!

librariane said...

I think you're right about the mom immunity thing--God truly did design things so moms can take care of their children! Though I must say, Chip gets less sick than I do, so dads must have that, too. :)

Liz said...

Mia's party was so fun today! Isaac thoroughly enjoyed himself and I hope Mia had a good time too! I love the picture of her with the cupcakes! So cute! I am glad you all are well again!

gianna said...

Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!
I have to say though, I don't have the mommy immunity! I ALWAYS get what the girls have (except when Brin had croup), but I guess I am talking about when they are puking. I'm glad you managed to get out of that disaster unscathed!