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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

three glorious years

so here she is, our beautiful girl who's officially in the preschool years. from my beautiful, perfect infant in the hospital to a joyful, energetic, talkative three year old. i still can see clearly her little face as i saw her for the first time. she was an angel born into my life through the power of God (with a little help from an emergency C-section) i wanted her by my side constantly just to watch her breath, just to watch her sleep. and here i am turning around and she's three. how did that happen? i blinked and she's grown. i am so blessed to stay home and be with her everyday yet i still feel like the little moments have flown. i love all the little things that make her her: her amazing insight into people, her consistent love and care for her brother, her creative spirit that leads her to the craft room or her crayons daily, her love of the outdoors and exploring. how do you sum up in words what a child means to you? how it does my heart so good when she climbs up into my lap wanting to snuggle and tell me that she loves me? how proud i am of her simply because she's my daughter? i love to watch life through her eyes - the simplicity, the joy, the wonder, the amazement in each day. i have learned so much about myself from her and she has been amazing. yes, she's independent (planned her own birthday party). yes, she has a mind of her own (most recently about her clothing and bedtime). yes, i love all of that about her and know that if i teach her how to use those things well now, she will be able to use them with respect and responsibility as she continues to grow up. (there is nothing wrong with independence when the group wants to do something it shouldn't ... especially in the teenage years and beyond). yes, i want to protect her from every harm and hurt but more importantly i want her to continue to experience all that life and God have to offer her even if that means a few bumps along the way. she will always be my princess and i will always count myself blessed to be her mom. happy birthday mia!


gianna said...

happy birthday, mia! being three is thrilling!

The Maines Family Blog said...

happy happy 3rd birthday miss mia!!!!!
we hope you have a wonderful self planned birthday!
continue to enjoy, learn and love everything that life has to offer you!!!!
natalie...what a beauitfully written birthday wish for your little princess! time does go by way too quickly!
hope all is well and to see you guys soon!
love to all!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Mia! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Liz said...

What a beautiful description of you little sweetie! You definitely should save it and put it into some type of scrapbook so she can read it when she is older!

~love said...

happiest birthday mia! we love you!!

i hear ya, nat! =)

Amy and Scott said...

Happy Birthday Mia! Hope this year is filled with lots of fun stuff! It sounds like your family has been having some neat adventures. Enjoy the summer - hope we can see you soon!