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Monday, June 16, 2008

the busy life....

okay so yet again the blog has been quiet for way too long. i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i keep meaning to do better and things are just a little too nuts, or i'm just a little too tired to do it. i'll try to be better but do not make any promises. =)

so what have we been doing?? here's the brief updates:

we had mia's rescheduled party and the kids had a blast playing and climbing at the indoor playground. she never realized that her original one had been rescheduled (hooray that she's not that good with time yet) and had an absolute blast with her friends. she talked about it for days afterward. and yes, pete's tickle me elmo sculpted out of rice krispie treats worked! it turned out great and the kids loved it (so did the parents!)

we've gone to the zoo. an adventure to say the least. took both kids by myself on probably one of the most humid days we've had so far (humidity and i do not get along...especially now that i'm in my third trimester) and both of them wanted to walk - of course in opposite directions. once we got that figured out and the hugely pregnant mom got to stop running after children things went great. we had fun looking at all the animals and trying to see what we could find. surprisingly most of them were out and lying around whatever water feature was in their enclosure. mia's favorite is still the snake house. don't know where that came from, don't know how long it will last but every time she's asked what her favorite animal is her consistant answer is "giraffes and snakes". oh well. =)

checking out the farm animals inside the barn

climbing up to get a better view of the mountain lion

signs of a good day!!

we've been playing outside ... alot! our favorite spots are the beach, the walking park that's close to our house, any park we can find (the definition of a park to a 3 year old and a 19 month old means the area has play equipment and at least a few slides and preferably some swings!) and our own backyard. as you can see, we're not all that picky as long as we're out.

we also got to see pete's youngest brother graduate from high school. congrats jimmy! we're so proud of you. now look out college here he comes! this is him with mom and dad.


librariane said...

Snakes, huh? Sounds like you guys need to come visit Carissa and Bryan!

And that Elmo is fab. ;)

The Maines Family Blog said...

As always looks like you guys are having tons of fun this summer!
Bella too doesn't care when or where but loves to be outside...even in the rain!
Hope to see you guys sometimes soon!
You are almost there! :)
Elmo rice krispie that is awesome...WOW

gianna said...

maya and mia would get along great with those snakes. Maya keeps saying that someday she's going to have a blue snake (I'm not sure why it's going to be blue) like Uncle Bryan.