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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

meet the man

Elias David Wilson
8 lbs 2 oz
20 3/4 inches
arrived at 6:54 am

so here's our beautiful new boy! he's so amazing and sweet and looks just like his brother and sister did. he has the most laid back personality. he arrived early thursday morning with little complication. there was initially some concern about his breathing but that seems to be true with alot of c-section little ones and he did just fine! we are home now and doing great. thank you so much for all of your prayers! i am recovering well (much easier then asher - hooray!). little eli is the most popular member of the house and there are often "discussions" between his brother and sister over who gets to hold him and how long. they are both completely in love with him and it's adorable to watch them with him. i'll post more pictures soon but here are a few highlights.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 days and 2 weeks

so here's quick update on our family as a whole. our big days are in 2 days and in 2 weeks.

2 days
we move into our new house. pete has been working so hard on getting it done and it just looks amazing. i am continuously astounded by the things he thinks of and that he is able to do. he has done something amazing to just about every room in the house. it as been a complete house overhaul and it looks wonderful. he refinished the floors this week, put up the new trim, and built a custom pantry (just to hit the highlights). it's amazing and we are so thankful for all his work. we have a beautiful house to go to now. he is simply amazing and i'm so lucky to have him. here's the picture of the new floors and of the basement (the half wall by mia is new and so is most of the space behind her).

2 weeks
in exactly 2 weeks our third little miracle will be added to our family. everything is going fine with the pregnancy and this little one. my doctor is guessing this baby will be the tiniest one yet and her prediction is 7lbs 4 oz. we'll see. still guessing whether it's a boy or a girl though everyone around us thinks boy. we'll have to see about that one too. thankfully this little one is not following in asher's foot steps and is head down. hooray. i haven't been that good about posting (or taking) pregnancy pictures but i've seen this shot a few times and just loved the concept so here's my self portrait two weeks before i get to meet my new little one.

those darn stairs

well our horse ride was great. no injuries, nothing crazy. we went through the rest of our day just fine. had friends over to play and watched daddy play softball. then wouldn't you know it as we're heading into the house for the night mia falls up the stairs in the garage and does it very well. she split her chin open very nicely. thankfully after a few minutes and a better look we did not have to go to the hospital for stitches. it did require some butterfly bandages though. thankfully grandma and grandpa wilson followed daddy home from the game and grandma ran out to get our girl some special bandages so she could stay cuddled at home. once she got her special band aids on she decided that mommy and daddy each needed one too. so here we all are in our special band aids. =) she's already doing fine and her chin looks much better. thanks again grandma for helping save the day. always gotta have an adventure!

horses, horses, horses

so for the past few months every time we see a horse mia has to comment about how much she would love to ride. at first i thought this was a phase and would pass. nope! it's here to stay. so i called mia's aunt mel (who used to ride competitively in the area) to ask her where to go. we got to go with a wonderful lady named libby (whom we actually know through other events) and mia got her first ride on a horse this week!! she was a little nervous at first. they are much bigger in person then they initially appear from a car window. asher seemed to have no fear and walked right up to the stable door waving and saying "hi horse." after watching libby's granddaughters ride mia was definitely ready for her turn though. on went the purple helmet and away she went. she asked often if i was watching her and the grin on her face was huge. i somehow have a feeling this will not be the last time i am standing on the fence of a horse arena watching my daughter ride. =) she's already asking when she can ride again and loves to tell everyone about her adventure. libby, thank you so much for a wonderful first experience for her!
even asher got a chance to sit on a horse. no riding for him yet though. despite his initial bravery actually getting up on the horse made him a little more nervous. and yes, mia's cowboy boots are pink. can you get more girl? horses and pink boots - that's my girl!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th of july!

hope you all had a great 4th of july! pete spent the day working on the house so we headed to the parade. though it was small it was just fine for two little kids. my parents joined us and we happened to run into our friends matt, erin and their son jaxson. after the parade we hit the playground then headed to our house for a little mini - cookout. it was a really nice day. after naps we headed to the new house for a picnic dinner with dad (something we are enjoying a lot lately). matt and erin surprised us by offering to come over to watch the kids so pete and i could go enjoy the fireworks togther. it was so sweet and so nice to just have an hour or so to ourselves. we haven't really seen the fireworks in a long time so it was fun. thanks again matt and erin! happy birthday america!!!

fun at the farm

so i'm a little late posting these pictures but a little while ago we teamed up with our friends the hansons and headed to a dairy farm a little ways from our house. oh my! the kids had a good time but most of the things were a bit over their heads. of course we goofed and started our day at the 4D movie theater. bad idea. the seats shook with the combine and then we got a little blast of air from the wind followed by a few squirts of water while the cows were being "milked". needless to say it took me almost 45 minutes to get asher out of my arms and he still to this day will bring up that he's "scared ... cow tv." with which we have to reassure him that it's over and he's okay. note to self for next time - no movies that do weird stuff! they had lots of fun playing in the dairy land playground

then it was off for a bus tour of the farm. we didn't get to get up close to the animals (they don't want you to give the animals diseases or anything) but we got to see lots of cows, a few new calves and a couple of tractors. we got to watch the cows ride the big carousel type ride to get milked

then headed for lunch. we did venture into the birthing barn and (thankfully) did not see any calves being born but did see two that were less then 2 hours old. a good day but we'll probably wait until the kids are a little older to try this one again.

gotta get some yummy ice cream!