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Saturday, July 5, 2008

fun at the farm

so i'm a little late posting these pictures but a little while ago we teamed up with our friends the hansons and headed to a dairy farm a little ways from our house. oh my! the kids had a good time but most of the things were a bit over their heads. of course we goofed and started our day at the 4D movie theater. bad idea. the seats shook with the combine and then we got a little blast of air from the wind followed by a few squirts of water while the cows were being "milked". needless to say it took me almost 45 minutes to get asher out of my arms and he still to this day will bring up that he's "scared ... cow tv." with which we have to reassure him that it's over and he's okay. note to self for next time - no movies that do weird stuff! they had lots of fun playing in the dairy land playground

then it was off for a bus tour of the farm. we didn't get to get up close to the animals (they don't want you to give the animals diseases or anything) but we got to see lots of cows, a few new calves and a couple of tractors. we got to watch the cows ride the big carousel type ride to get milked

then headed for lunch. we did venture into the birthing barn and (thankfully) did not see any calves being born but did see two that were less then 2 hours old. a good day but we'll probably wait until the kids are a little older to try this one again.

gotta get some yummy ice cream!


librariane said...

Your cow-tv story reminds me of one my pastor shared recently: he thought it would be fun to go through the car wash with his two-year old. They went in and the noise and water spraying turned out to be rather frightening! This car wash is near their bank, so whenever Pastor Charles goes to the bank with his son, Eli says "no car wash, no car wash!".

Katherine said...

Looks like fun. We are actually planning on going there in August.

Bambi said...

Well written article.