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Thursday, July 10, 2008

horses, horses, horses

so for the past few months every time we see a horse mia has to comment about how much she would love to ride. at first i thought this was a phase and would pass. nope! it's here to stay. so i called mia's aunt mel (who used to ride competitively in the area) to ask her where to go. we got to go with a wonderful lady named libby (whom we actually know through other events) and mia got her first ride on a horse this week!! she was a little nervous at first. they are much bigger in person then they initially appear from a car window. asher seemed to have no fear and walked right up to the stable door waving and saying "hi horse." after watching libby's granddaughters ride mia was definitely ready for her turn though. on went the purple helmet and away she went. she asked often if i was watching her and the grin on her face was huge. i somehow have a feeling this will not be the last time i am standing on the fence of a horse arena watching my daughter ride. =) she's already asking when she can ride again and loves to tell everyone about her adventure. libby, thank you so much for a wonderful first experience for her!
even asher got a chance to sit on a horse. no riding for him yet though. despite his initial bravery actually getting up on the horse made him a little more nervous. and yes, mia's cowboy boots are pink. can you get more girl? horses and pink boots - that's my girl!!


Katherine said...

How awesome! Julia would love that as well. Maybe someday she will follow in Mia's footsteps!

The Maines Family Blog said...

Sooo much fun!
Gotta love the girly pink cowboots...what other color would they be?

Liz said...

Oh her Auntie Mel will be so proud! I have a feeling Mia will be greatly encouraged to pursue this interest!