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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

three months in three minutes

okay so it may take me longer then three minutes to update you all on the past three months but that's probably about all the time i'm going to have. =) it amazes me how fast time flies and how bad i have been about posting things on here. hang on to your hats cuz here we go....

mia started preschool and loves it. she gets to do 1/2 hour of dance each time she goes and is very happily teaching asher everything she knows. the two of them now have a favorite game they call "cha-cha" in which they hold hands and "dance" (or spin) around the room as fast as they can. this is something i am still trying to accurately catch on video as it is hilarious (though there have been a few mishaps and asher has been "cha-cha"ed into the wall and the big plastic rocking fish).
this is what's been going on down the street from us so this is where we have been almost daily for ... well for a long time. let's just say that all the guys on the job site know mia and asher on a first name basis and stop what they are doing to come over and say hi. they have each been offered a ride in the excavator (their favorite machine) but both decided it was too scary. the excavator operator is their buddy that's for sure.

we headed out to the pumpkin patch and had a blast. asher's favorite part by far was the hayride out to the field. i think he could really have cared less about the pumpkins after that. they also had a wooden tractor the kids could play on and he would NOT get off of it. it was a great day for the adventure though and mia got to ride a pony too. what more can you ask for?

we've been lovin' on the littlest. he's one loved kid that's for sure and he doesn't lack for attention from anyone. i do try to steal a few moments alone with him everyday though it's hard when he's such a popular guy! he's three months old already and rolling over already. it's amazing to me how fast the time is going. i love every moment ... they just go too quick.

we've headed to the beach a bunch though that's starting to end since it's getting so cold now. the kids love to go and we usually pack a picnic dinner. they love to eat dinner like that and it makes the trip so fun. they don't seem to mind that's it a little chilly and love to run around on the sand and play on the dunes. the last time we were there a group of guys was there playing percussion and just jamming. they loved dancing around and just having fun.

i'm sure there's tons i'm missing but there's footsteps on the stairs and it's way too late for that. i better go.