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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


so my sweet little doodle bug you are 2. it got here so fast. i can't imagine my life without your sweet smile and your completely contagious giggle. you can light up a room with your fun little personality the minute you enter it. your birth was by far the hardest one. you were upside down and that should have been my first clue that you were going to turn my life upside down and beat to a rhythm of your own. not getting to snuggle you those first few days was the hardest thing for me. i just wanted to cuddle you and hold you close. you have more then made up for it now though and are still the best snuggler. you love to give bear hugs and when it's time to go to sleep you always ask to rock longer. you melt my heart with your tender spirit and the absolute love you have for your brother and sister. you are still learning how to be as gentle physically as you are spiritually as you are all boy all the time. you love to run and jump and play with your daddy. you love tractors and trucks and being outside. it's hard to get you distracted from a tractor fix - just ask your papa. =) i love to listen to you sing "jesus loves me" and you very often sing it to eli if he's fussing. you love to shout "amen" at the end of the prayer and pick up books and tell me you are reading about "fafer God". your vocabulary amazes me and makes you seem so much older. but when i look at you i see my little boy. it's an image i'm sure i will still see when you i look at you at 18, at 30 and beyond. the little boy inside a child, a teenager and eventually a man. you try so hard to keep up with mia and do all the things she does. you will do all of them my little one but in the mean time i love watching you learn and grow and figure things out. don't be in too big a hurry doodlebug. this time is so very precious and i am so very proud of you. i feel so truly blessed that God picked me to be your mom. i love you so very much. happy birthday doodlebug.


The Maines Family Blog said...

happy birthday asher!!!

Liz said...

What a beautiful post, Natalie! Hope he had a very special party! We were sorry to miss it!