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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

say (chuck E) cheese

so for the past few weeks every time i tell asher that it's dinner time he looks at me so hopefully and says "chuck - a - cheese". don't know where the obsession started but since it wasn't going away we decided to take the family there for his birthday yesterday. the kids had a blast. we sat in the little kids section right next to the Bob the Builder ride. asher was in heaven!!! thankfully it wasn't all that crowded because i am not exaggerating he rode the ride nonstop for almost 30 minutes. i was able to finally convince him to try a few other things but they were all short lived and back on to "Scoop" he went. he got down long enough each time to get another token and tell me "bye", "love you" or "have a good day". it was all really very cute. mia and pete were off winning tickets and playing other games. eli and i just watched asher hang out with "Scoop". he was so tired when we left but we still had to pry him out of the thing. pete was placing the extra tokens we had in the bag and they spilled - twice. the first time asher was happy to help clean them up. the second time he couldn't resist the temptation to snag one and climb back on for just one more ride. it was one of those moments as a parent where you know you're not supposed to laugh but it's so hard not to that you have to turn around for a minute or two to compose yourself. his little face was so excited that he had managed to get another token. oh my!

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