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Monday, November 3, 2008

what's your vote??

we've been talking to the kids about the fact that elections are tomorrow and that we get to pick a new president. mia got so excited when we told her that we get to vote and then was so upset when she realized that she was too little. so we decided to have our own vote. as you can see we're voting on dinner. each of the kids got to pick what they wanted for an entree, a side dish and what to drink (we figured that was enough choices for the first time we try this). pete voiced his choices and we left it at three ... that way we were guaranteed to have a winner in each category. so here's your choices - entree: pizza, hamburgers or tacos, side dish - french fries, granola bars or onion rings (really healthy huh??) drinks - lemonade, juice or chocolate milk. we used the pictures to help the kids think about their choices. so far mia has already changed her mind a few times and asher seems to agree with whatever his sister is voting for. =) so cast your vote and let us know what you think should win. we'll post the winning dinner tomorrow night! don't forget to vote tomorrow!!!


The Maines Family Blog said...

what a cute idea...i will have to keep that one tucked in the back of my head! can't wait to see whar the winner is!

gianna said...

i am totally going to steal that idea! awesome!

librariane said...

Oh, I hope the hamburgers, fries and chocolate milk won!

I stopped at a library yesterday that had Duck for President as their main storytime book and they held elections for the main characters in that book. It was cute (and that's a good book series, too, by Doreen Cronin).