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Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanks and things

we spent thanksgiving day with the wilsons. the boys always play football in the annual turkey bowl. it's tradition and trust me you should not mess with this tradition! =) the girls always hangout at the house and visit and start getting dinner ready. we got to spend lots of time together as a big family and just visit and relax. it was so nice. the kids had a great time playing with their cousins. the picture above is all of us including two new fiances (kevin's niki and her girls dezi and azlynn and karen's josh) and dave's girlfriend jen. jimmy was home from IU and it was nice to get to see him. we are such a blessed family and one that continues to grow and grow!
saturday we got together with the dewitts and the bromers (my mom's family). we were fortunate to see my uncle tom and his family for lunch then get to spend dinner with my mom's family. we are especially grateful to my uncle tom. he's a pediatrician (a fabulous one in fact) and he very sweetly checked out asher for us. asher's regular pediatrician found a heart murmur at his 2 yr check up. nothing he was worried about just something to watch. i truly was not worried and felt completely at peace with what he had said but having a pediatrician in the family i still wanted tom to check on asher. he actually had a hard time finding the murmur and confirmed that there's nothing to worry about. yet another thing to be so very thankful for this year. mia also got to dance with ethan and if i can get the video to download i will post that later. she was so excited to meet him and as soon as i mentioned his name he responded "mom, i think ethan can dance. will he dance with me?" i told her to ask and the minute he was in the house and she knew who he was she asked! it was so sweet of him and they were super cute! the kids then got to see grammie - their great grandma. my aunt, her son, my uncle and his girlfriend were there too but grammie is always the star of the show for my kids. =) it's a mutual admiration society let me tell you. we are so very blessed to have such wonderful families and that they are so very close. we just didn't happen to get a picture of the festivities on saturday. hope your turkey day was happy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ya gotta smile

i just had to share this picture. it makes me smile every time i see it and gives you a great insight into asher's personality. have a great day!!

winter wonderland

we woke up the other morning to this beautiful snowfall. it had been snowing a little bit the day before and mia was in heaven. she kept trying to catch it on her tongue and eat it. she kept hoping for more. so i had to smile when i went in to get asher in the morning and pulled open his blinds to show him the snow. he just turned sleepily in my arms and responded in all seriousness "Mia eat it." what a hilarious start to our day. mia's school was cancelled so we bundled all up and out we went. we had a great time playing. poor asher, the snow was up to his knees but once he got used to it he was all over it. i had to smile because while my girlfriend's little girls were noticing "white pixie dust" at their house we were pretending to be bulldozers and front-end loaders and "push the snow away to make paths". ah, the differences when you have a boy in the house. =)

mia had a great time making snow angels. asher was not so into it. mostly because once he got into the snow he couldn't get out. =) he loved to walk through mia's though and tell her how pretty it was. the irony that he was stepping on it while telling her this was evidently missed. so here's to the beginning of winter. if it's gonna be cold it can at least be pretty. =)

fabulous fall

we had a few amazing days this fall and the kids and i had a great time playing in the leaves. we didn't really have leaves at our old house (the trees were too little) so this was the first time they actually got to play in them. here's what we learned:
- kids love to jump in leaves - after they are assured that it's okay to mess them up

- waiting for leaves to get raked across a yard into a pile requires more patience then a 2 or 3 year old really want to display

- that when said 2 and 3 year old follow along behind the raker kicking the leaves back across the year it takes even longer

- remove sticks from the pile

- be sure removal of sticks actually means sticks leave the pile (not that they are simply placed on sibling's side of the pile)

- jumping into leaves is WAY more fun with a partner

- jumping in is fun but it's even better with a running head start

- in order to jump into leaves with a partner you must either run the same speed or not hold hands - this is very important!!

- even mommies and daddies love to jump in leaves

- being buried in leaves is also fun but does require a good hair brushing afterward

- babies like leaves but really should not be given them to chew on - even if you just wanted to share

and the winner was.....

okay so this is super late but the results of our dinner voting was as follows...

french fries and onion rings
chocolate milk

we decided not to break the tie between french fries and onion rings and just have both. =) it was a fun little thing and the kids really seemed to have a good time filling out their ballots and getting to pick their dinner. mia learned how disappointing it can be when the one you voted for isn't the one to win. she really wanted hamburgers (i think more because that was her choice to begin with) and when it didn't win we had a very good conversation about graciously conceding defeat ... ie it's not really nice to get so upset you have to be escorted from the room. she has brought it up several times since then and always talks about how it's okay if your choice doesn't win you just try again next time. so cute. we did decide to have hamburgers the next night. =)