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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

and the winner was.....

okay so this is super late but the results of our dinner voting was as follows...

french fries and onion rings
chocolate milk

we decided not to break the tie between french fries and onion rings and just have both. =) it was a fun little thing and the kids really seemed to have a good time filling out their ballots and getting to pick their dinner. mia learned how disappointing it can be when the one you voted for isn't the one to win. she really wanted hamburgers (i think more because that was her choice to begin with) and when it didn't win we had a very good conversation about graciously conceding defeat ... ie it's not really nice to get so upset you have to be escorted from the room. she has brought it up several times since then and always talks about how it's okay if your choice doesn't win you just try again next time. so cute. we did decide to have hamburgers the next night. =)

1 comment:

gianna said...

you gotta reward the effort! AWESOME! How fun! Well, your results from the election came out before we know who MN's next senator will be, so don't worry about the timing.