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Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanks and things

we spent thanksgiving day with the wilsons. the boys always play football in the annual turkey bowl. it's tradition and trust me you should not mess with this tradition! =) the girls always hangout at the house and visit and start getting dinner ready. we got to spend lots of time together as a big family and just visit and relax. it was so nice. the kids had a great time playing with their cousins. the picture above is all of us including two new fiances (kevin's niki and her girls dezi and azlynn and karen's josh) and dave's girlfriend jen. jimmy was home from IU and it was nice to get to see him. we are such a blessed family and one that continues to grow and grow!
saturday we got together with the dewitts and the bromers (my mom's family). we were fortunate to see my uncle tom and his family for lunch then get to spend dinner with my mom's family. we are especially grateful to my uncle tom. he's a pediatrician (a fabulous one in fact) and he very sweetly checked out asher for us. asher's regular pediatrician found a heart murmur at his 2 yr check up. nothing he was worried about just something to watch. i truly was not worried and felt completely at peace with what he had said but having a pediatrician in the family i still wanted tom to check on asher. he actually had a hard time finding the murmur and confirmed that there's nothing to worry about. yet another thing to be so very thankful for this year. mia also got to dance with ethan and if i can get the video to download i will post that later. she was so excited to meet him and as soon as i mentioned his name he responded "mom, i think ethan can dance. will he dance with me?" i told her to ask and the minute he was in the house and she knew who he was she asked! it was so sweet of him and they were super cute! the kids then got to see grammie - their great grandma. my aunt, her son, my uncle and his girlfriend were there too but grammie is always the star of the show for my kids. =) it's a mutual admiration society let me tell you. we are so very blessed to have such wonderful families and that they are so very close. we just didn't happen to get a picture of the festivities on saturday. hope your turkey day was happy!


The Maines Family Blog said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! So many blessings! God is good!

gianna said...

we miss you guys so much!

librariane said...

Wow--that's a bunch of news I didn't know! Thanks for the update on the Wilsons. :)