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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

winter wonderland

we woke up the other morning to this beautiful snowfall. it had been snowing a little bit the day before and mia was in heaven. she kept trying to catch it on her tongue and eat it. she kept hoping for more. so i had to smile when i went in to get asher in the morning and pulled open his blinds to show him the snow. he just turned sleepily in my arms and responded in all seriousness "Mia eat it." what a hilarious start to our day. mia's school was cancelled so we bundled all up and out we went. we had a great time playing. poor asher, the snow was up to his knees but once he got used to it he was all over it. i had to smile because while my girlfriend's little girls were noticing "white pixie dust" at their house we were pretending to be bulldozers and front-end loaders and "push the snow away to make paths". ah, the differences when you have a boy in the house. =)

mia had a great time making snow angels. asher was not so into it. mostly because once he got into the snow he couldn't get out. =) he loved to walk through mia's though and tell her how pretty it was. the irony that he was stepping on it while telling her this was evidently missed. so here's to the beginning of winter. if it's gonna be cold it can at least be pretty. =)

1 comment:

The Maines Family Blog said...

We can't wait to play in the snow here...it is amazing the differnce from here to there...we have just had a dusting.
So much fun!