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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

for a season...

every life has seasons. when you're in a family sometimes you have a season, sometimes another member of your family has a season and sometimes you have one all together. we've been having all the seasons all at once. so as we are beginning to change seasons outside here are the changing seasons inside our house...

*for a season we have been going through transition because

*for a season pete began a new company. i am so proud of him for taking this amazing step of faith especially when the whole world right now seems singularly focused on how bad the economy is. as he began the journey God moved him into the right positions at the right time and took him down an amazing journey. though things now look different then they did at the beginning (and they looked good in the beginning) they are now amazing and he is doing exactly what he is most gifted at. God has blessed him with a fabulous first major contract in california. and we know it means only the beginning and is proof that pete will work all over the country, not just near home.

*for a season i have gone back to work. three 10 hr days a week (which is really closer to 11.5 by the time i actually get out the door at the end of the day and do the driving). it's been a transition for all of us. we are so blessed though. so blessed i was able to easily find a job, so blessed to be with the company i am, so blessed to have a wonderful boss and great co-workers. so blessed that when i'm gone daddy is the one with the kids and their bond, though strong before, is amazing now and so very fun to watch.

*for a season i have been nowhere near a computer as my little ones needed the time and attention to ease the transition.

*for a season i have been on my own amazing journey with a loving Father. He has taken me from where i was and rooted me firmly in my identity as His child. lovingly, patiently He has lead me the past few months. taken away my stumbling blocks, rid me of my fears. He has shown me how He sees me and how amazingly he has been working in my life from the very beginning to take care of my every need before i even knew i had one.

*for a season we have traded dance lessons for swim lesssons and have discovered two amazing water bugs. they want to be in the pool every day and love to swim by themselves (with their little swim belts). they are so fun to watch and are constantly checking to be sure that you are doing just that!

*for a season we are enjoying having a little baby because this season is almost over. eli is scooting himself all over the floor and will get the crawling thing anyday now. his grin and his giggle are completely contagious. he happily sits at the table with the big kids and eats and though he still nurses i know this season too is going to go so quickly. for a season he is definately mama's boy - especially on the nights i come home from work. he has eyes only for me and i so treasure every second of this season.

*for a season we were potty training and hooray this season has almost ended (still have to work on naps and bedtime). the dreaded (yet somehow hilariously cute) words "i peed!" are seldom heard and in just a few short weeks asher took another step out of being my little boy and into being my big boy.

*for a season my computer has not wanted to load pictures or really work at all so i guess for a season, that is hopefully short, there will be no pictures.

*for a season i will write as i can and post when i am able and for a season that will be enough.

*for a season we have grown, changed, transitioned, learned, loved and deepened our connections to each other and the things in this world that really matter. let the storms of the world rage outside if they must because inside our house the season is warm and sunny. the laughter flows and the joy is contagious. my little ones are sleeping and there is nothing more peaceful and heart warming on the planet then sleeping children - especially if they are yours.

good night!


gianna said...

it's so good to hear from yoiu again! sometimes the season islonger than we expect, but that doesn't mean God is not in control. (psst, i still totally define myself as a mom and want to be home with my kids more than antything,, but sometimes it's okay to like working a little)

The Maines Family Blog said...

Loved reading and catching up with your family so to speak! Hope you can upload pics soon and all is well!
Love ya!