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Thursday, November 26, 2009

the haircuts

so here are the pictures of our guys getting their haircuts. for eli it was his very first. he started off okay but had his moments where he was just not enjoying himself. a sucker soon solved all the problems ... or at least most of them. =) we may eventually get brave enough to try to cut his hair on our own but for the first one we did take him to the local kids place where he could sit in a fun car while the beautician worked quickly around him and was ready with a sucker when it got to be a bit too much. his hair is just so straight, yep, he got his mama's hair, that i'm afraid it will be terribly obvious if we don't do a good job. for now he just looks way too old all of a sudden. i know he's growing up but i'm so not ready for it. he looks like a little man and not like my little baby. i do love it though and he looks amazing.

as for asher with his sweet, sweet curls to hide any oopses we cut his hair at home. it is definately not his favorite thing to do and no fun thing to sit in or movie to watch has changed that. this time however he got it in his head that only mana could cut his hair so we called her up and headed over to her and papa's house for dinner and a haircut. the whole afternoon all he talked about was having mana cut his hair for him. the tune quickly changed when it actually came time to have it done. the tears started so daddy quickly stepped in and off the three of us went to the bathroom for a quick hair cut. i didn't get a before picture but it was soooo long. we're still thinking he may need a little more of a trim but this was a good first step. he just looks so handsome now (of course i though that before too!). my little guys ... man, how i love them!!!

1 comment:

librariane said...

Eli's transformation is amazing!

I remember throwing fits about getting my toenails cut. I still hate having that done...