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Saturday, November 14, 2009

my road to africa

so i feel i should at least start writing about this more as a chronicle of the journey that God is taking me on. it never ceases to amaze me how He works in my life. so let's start at the beginning. i have always had the "thing" for africa. since the day pete and i started dating we talked about going, possibly about staying. we've entertained the idea of going several times but never felt like it was the right thing to do so we always just kept praying and listening and watching for what God was going to do. it truly breaks my heart to think of the millions of children who are in the world waiting for someone to love them. waiting for someone to wrap their arms around them and tell them they are valuable, important and meant to be here. waiting for someone to realize the gold that God has place inside them and that the world has tried to strip away with circumstances. i won't tell you how many times it has truly brought me to tears.

at the beginning of this year pete and i went away to talk about life, reconnect and just see where God was taking us. we try to do this at least a few times each year. while we were there two things relating to africa happened. one, pete clearly felt God say that we needed to get our passports in order because we were going to be going before the year was over. second, i strongly felt we were to support another orphan in africa. here's the catch. we definately didn't have money to do either. at pete's insistence i found everything i needed and renewed my passpot. i continued to pray about the orphan in africa. God told me that the things in the garage would cover it and to sell them. so that was our plan. to have a huge garage sale in the summer and use the money to support another orphan. we began to gather a rather large pile that we added to often.

in april friends of ours announced that they would be adopting from africa. they asked us to write a letter of recommendation for them. now i want you to understand this next part. though we completely love our friends it was not something we immediately jumped on we wanted to pray about it first. not really was this God's plan for their life (that's between them and God ... and something we felt pretty sure He was all for!!) but really what was HIs plan for us in the whole process. we knew God was calling us to not only write the letter but to stand with our friends and to do whatever we possibly could to make their dreams a reality, in our minds we were pledging to stand with their famly no matter what happened from here on out. from the day we wrote that letter to the day those babies are adults, on their own and beyond we will be here to love, encourage and support their family in any way we can. so i hope it doesn't sound bad that we wanted to pray first but to us it was a deeper commitment then a simple letter.

shortly after that lovelyn mentioned that they would be having a garage sale to raise money for their adoption. i knew immediately that the ridiculous amount of stuff in my garage was on it's way to my friend's garage. i told pete about the sale later that night and without blinking he goes "so i guess i'm going to need to get a truck to haul all that stuff over there." (you see why i love him!! i didn't even have to say anything, he and i both knew.)

as our families continued to talk they mentioned they would be needing people to go with lovelyn at various times so she would not have to be over there alone. again, it was that monent where your spirit just knows that agian, those thoguhts, conversations, feelings earlier were all leading you to that moment. of course we volunteered for me to go with her. she will travel in two weeks to pick out her precious new little ones. come home. wait a month then fly back to do the court things and to bring her sweet babies home. i will be going with her at the beginning of the second trip and can not tell you how amazingly excited i am. it is an answer to pray, a dream fullfilled and a trip i can not wait to take with my friend. i'm sure there are details i have forgotten but those are the highlights and proof of God's amazing goodness and love. more details to come!!

1 comment:

Bernadette Pabon ,Teacher, Director of CCD, Author said...

I love your post on your trip to the orphanage in Africa. The children were a blessing to you, and you were a blessing to them.